Maytree is committed to reducing poverty and inequality in Canada and to building strong civic communities.

We seek to accomplish our objectives by identifying, supporting and funding ideas, leaders and leading organizations that have the capacity to make change and advance the common good.

We invest in leaders to build a Canada that can benefit from the skills, experience and energy of all its people.

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AlanSpotlight Maytree Opinion, June 2015: Hearing voices

Every day in every community across Canada people are working to make things better. They’re well versed in describing problems, designing solutions, and speaking out. Unfortunately, as Alan Broadbent writes, it seems that people in power are equally as good at ignoring them. For some reason, only certain voices seem to register. To see whose voices are heard, you only have to look at the recent fight around carding.

spotlight_Days-of-Dialogue Maytree blog: Community Engagement to Poverty Reduction: what we can learn from the strategy

With the release of Toronto’s Interim Poverty Reduction Strategy, Alejandra Bravo outlines the community engagement approach led by United Way Toronto and the City of Toronto. Drawing from a process that engaged people with lived experience of poverty, she challenges us to imagine what impact connecting community and government can have on public policy.

spotlight_hearing_voices Maytree Newsletter - June 2015

Read more about the release of Caledon’s Canada Social Report; a Canadian view of income inequality and its international implications; how child benefits in Canada have been diluted; and why tackling poverty means more than just meeting basic needs. Also catch up on useful news and resources.

spotlight_income_inequality Maytree blog: A Canadian view of income inequality and its international implications

For its issue on poverty and inequality, U.K.-based Philanthropy Impact Magazine brought together voices and initiatives from the corporate, public and nonprofit sectors to highlight possible solutions and approaches. Alan Broadbent looked at the lessons that can be drawn from Canadian efforts to tackle poverty and inequality.

Engaging_Volunteers_FGI_spotlight Five Good Ideas about engaging today’s volunteers

David Allen, Executive Director, Volunteer Toronto, presented his five ideas for finding, motivating and retaining enough of the right volunteers to meet your non-profit’s priorities and policies.

Mowat_map_May2015_spotlight New study: Where are the hardest places to live in Canada?

Scarce data makes community-level comparisons across Canada difficult. It made mapping a daunting task for Mowat Centre researchers who set out, with funding from Maytree, to create an interactive, evidence-based tool to encourage discussion about inequality. However, despite the data holes, their map draws a striking picture of the considerable differences in the quality of life across the country.


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