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We seek to accomplish our objectives by identifying, supporting and funding ideas, leaders and leading organizations that have the capacity to make change and advance the common good.

We invest in leaders to build a Canada that can benefit from the skills, experience and energy of all its people.

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AlanSpotlight Maytree Opinion, November 2015: The singer and the song

There’s a different tone coming out of Ottawa. The mandate letters sent by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to his cabinet ministers demonstrate how the discourse has already improved. The letters provide specific instructions on where to concentrate the government’s efforts. They also set the tone on how the government wants to work with Canadians. As Alan Broadbent writes in this month’s Maytree Opinion, what we see (and hear) in these letters is a welcome change but it will need to be sustained so this isn’t just a “one hit wonder.”

CSR_spot Maytree Newsletter - November 2015

Find out how paid sick days can improve health, a new kind of newsmaking and what events are coming up. Read about the latest changes and updates to the Canada Social Report and watch a recording of the latest Tamarack webinar. All of this and more in this month’s newsletter!

Donate button Five Good Ideas about Major Gift Fundraising

In this session, Franca Gucciardi, CEO of the Loran Scholars Foundation, provided practical advice on how to establish a major gifts program that can find and nurture top donors. She showed how you don’t have to be a big player to achieve ambitious fundraising targets. With an enthusiastic team, strategic focus and relentless commitment, any organization can learn to punch above its weight.

Paid-Sick-Days-for-All-spotlight Maytree blog: Paid sick days improve health for all

Under current law in Ontario, no worker has the right to paid sick days. Not a single day. Not a single one of us. The good news is that we have an unprecedented opportunity to change this. The Ontario Government is reforming our employment laws under the Changing Workplaces Review. Healthcare providers and advocates are mobilizing across the province to call for legislated paid sick days as part of the Fight for $15 & Fairness campaign.

newpaper_spotlight Maytree blog: Newsmaking for non-profits – getting your issue covered

Last week we spoke with Rob Steiner, director of the Munk School Fellowships in Global Journalism and former Wall Street Journal correspondent, who shared some insights on what’s happening in newsrooms today, and the opportunities they reveal for us as non-profits.

digital_divide_spotlight Maytree blog: It’s time to close the digital divide

Countries around the world recognize access to the internet as an essential tool for participation in a modern democratic society. The UN considers it a human right. At the same time, a “digital divide” is emerging between high- and low-income Canadians. Find out what ACORN is doing about it.


2015 Maytree Conference: Connecting for Change

Dec. 10 – Join us for an opportunity to come together to enhance our collective antipoverty work.

Five Good Ideas about strong governance for strong organizations

Jan 10 – Five Good Ideas about strong governance for strong organizations with Richard Powers

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