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hammer and wedges Maytree Opinion, January 2015: It’s time to look beyond the wedge

As we approach a federal election, we’re looking for all levels of government to engage with each other. And we’re looking for them to work with and for the people they’ve sworn to represent. Sadly, if the past few years have been any indication, we’re headed in the opposite direction. As Alan Broadbent and Elizabeth McIsaac write, the current trend seems to be a focus on wedge issues.

Arm drawing cogs (iStock) Maytree Newsletter - January 2015

Read latest Caledon commentary on the Family Tax Cut; what city finance and governance is all about; why there is renewed interest in Guaranteed Annual Income; how cross-sector leadership can be developed; why every community and organization needs its own mythic story; and how The City Builder Book Club is embracing Arrival City. Also catch up on upcoming events and useful news and resources.

paper cutouts in hands Maytree blog: Renewed interest in Guaranteed Annual Income or ‘Mincome’

The idea of replacing the existing income support system with an unconditional cash transfer from government to individuals or families to provide a minimum annual income has entered and exited Canadian policy discussions for decades. The concept, usually referred to as Guaranteed Annual Income, has been receiving renewed attention of late.

Dark, cloudy sky ©Sam Javanrouh Maytree blog: IMFG: Crafting fiscal and governance solutions for cities

For the past ten years, the Institute on Municipal Finance and Governance at the Munk School of Global Affairs has conducted independent research, sparked and informed public debate and engaged the academic and policy communities. Its tenth anniversary gives us an opportunity to ask what the progress has been on the issues it tackled and what, if anything, cities have learned.

Matthew Thomas Five Good Ideas about Cross-Sector Leadership

Matthew Thomas – an expert in cross-sector leadership development with experience in the nonprofit, business, and government worlds – explored the challenges and opportunities for individuals leading across sectors. He made the case for why leaders must develop an expanded, cross-sector mindset to address our most pressing societal issues.

who_votes_spotlight Who Votes in Toronto Municipal Elections?

This new study conducted for Maytree by Ryerson University Professor Myer Siemiatycki and geographic analyst Sean Marshall explores the connection between municipal voting behaviour and some of Toronto’s prime demographic characteristics like immigrant status, visible minority identity, income and home ownership.


Five Good Ideas about how non-profits can benefit from the media revolution

February 23, 2015 – Five Good Ideas session with Robert Steiner, Director, The Fellowships In Global Journalism, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto. Robert will share his five good ideas for non-profits that want to create new collaborations with media.

Evaluating Community Impact: Capturing and Making Sense of Community Outcomes

From February 23 to 25, 2015, join Tamarack’s Liz Weaver and From Here to There’s Mark Cabaj in Toronto for Evaluating Community Impact, a three-day interactive workshop designed specifically for leaders who have basic evaluation training and a desire to take their community change efforts to the next level.

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The Five Good Ideas Book

Five Good Ideas: Practical Strategies for Non-Profit Success features a collection of the best ideas from past Five Good Ideas sessions. We’re sure that you’ll find the book a handy quick-reference guide.

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