Maytree is committed to advancing systemic solutions to poverty and strengthening civic communities.

We take a human rights approach to addressing the systems that create poverty with the ultimate goal of having social and economic rights safeguarded for all people living in Canada.

Our work supports leaders, organizations and civic communities by developing and sharing knowledge; strengthening learning and leading; and mobilizing action to further social and economic rights.


Alan and Elizabeth Maytree Opinion, September 2016: Reform to criminal justice system must not be forgotten

Our current system of bail and remand can have a dire effect on the life chances of people who have been charged with a crime. The Ontario government has stated that reforming this system is a priority. In this month’s Opinion, Alan Broadbent and Elizabeth McIsaac are encouraged by the promise of an action plan, and argue that we must see more concrete steps towards reform.

Human Rights Maytree Newsletter – September 2016

Read about what happens when charities want to use the formal concepts of human rights to compel the government to take action, the next Five Good Ideas session about leading in a time of disruption, and recommended changes that would put the Charter first in lawmaking. Plus: upcoming conferences, new publications and research, news from our partners and more.

Bird's eye view of tent city Advocacy, leadership, courage: What we learned from Super InTent City

Super InTent City (SIC), a movement led by homeless people in Victoria, B.C., can claim an important victory – every single resident of SIC now has the option of a home indoors. In this blog post, Stephen Portman from Together Against Poverty Society tells the story of SIC and calls on us to be prepared for the next push to realize housing as basic human right.

Let's Talk Housing cover Let’s Talk Housing Community Conversations: A discussion guide to support local community conversations

Maytree, in partnership with United Way Centraide-Canada and the Lived Experience Advisory Council, has developed this community discussion guide to facilitate the inclusion of people with diverse housing needs in the Let’s Talk Housing consultation process.

Sketch of ideal neighbourhood - iStockphoto Transformative conversations about social housing

Many are talking about social housing – and the wide range of the conversations might surprise you. In this blog post, Jay Pitter, co-editor of Subdivided, an anthology exploring inclusive city-building, shares three powerful, transformative conversations she has had with social housing leaders about social privilege, shared leadership, local knowledge and systemic change. 

basic_income_spotlight Policy brief: Would a universal basic income reduce poverty?

This policy brief looks to make sense of the competing visions of basic income, what proposed solutions are on the table, how much they would cost and how those proposals differ from what we have today.


The Fight for Decent Work: Tackling Low Wages, Precarious Work, and Poverty

Thursday October 6, 2016 – Deena Ladd of the Workers’ Action Centre will discuss critical areas of change to Ontario’s labour laws in 2017 in this webinar.

Five Good Ideas about leading your organization in a time of disruption

Wednesday, October 26, 2016 – with Andrea Barrack Cohen, CEO, Ontario Trillium Foundation

Five Good Ideas: Evaluation in disruptive times

Friday, November 18, 2016 – with Mark Cabaj, President of From Here to There and an Associate of Tamarack

Five Good Ideas about the power of ideas

Monday, December 5, 2016 – Special Five Good Ideas event to celebrate the 100th session and power of good ideas at the Bram and Bluma Appel Salon

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