Maytree is committed to reducing poverty and inequality in Canada and to building strong civic communities.

We seek to accomplish our objectives by identifying, supporting and funding ideas, leaders and leading organizations that have the capacity to make change and advance the common good.

We invest in leaders to build a Canada that can benefit from the skills, experience and energy of all its people.

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Mowat_map_May2015_spotlight New study: Where are the hardest places to live in Canada?

Scarce data makes community-level comparisons across Canada difficult. It made mapping a daunting task for Mowat Centre researchers who set out, with funding from Maytree, to create an interactive, evidence-based tool to encourage discussion about inequality. However, despite the data holes, their map draws a striking picture of the considerable differences in the quality of life across the country.

AlanSpotlight Maytree Opinion, April 2015: Poverty reduction: Getting the big things right

Representatives from across the country head to Ottawa for a summit in early May to share ideas on how to reduce poverty in Canada. As Alan Broadbent writes, the movement needs to throw its doors wide open to engage all involved and welcome a new era in poverty reduction.

poverty_reduction_summit-spotlight Why poverty reduction?

Alan Broadbent’s welcome address at the Poverty Reduction Summit: Every City, Province and Territory Working Together in Ottawa. “Let me recall again Senator David Croll: Poverty is our national shame. We are gathered here in our nation’s capital with the opportunity to put an end to our shame. We have the right people. We have the right tool kit. And this is the right moment.”

Panel discussion Maytree Newsletter - April 2015

Read about why Caledon thinks that the 2015 federal budget could haunt us for years to come; why the story of poverty in Toronto is so much a women’s story; and the inaugural lecture of the Global Diversity Exchange on May 7 featuring Pico Iyer. Also catch up on upcoming events and useful news and resources.

School_as_community_hub_spotlight Maytree blog: Schools as community hubs

Reimagining schools as community hubs is an idea that surfaced in recent consultations Maytree hosted on how to reduce poverty in Toronto. Schools provide that much-required communal space to come together and resolve some of society’s challenges.

Open_data_spotlight_70x50 Five Good Ideas about how to use, share and contribute to Open Data

Harvey Low, Manager, Social Research & Analysis Unit, City of Toronto’s Social Development Finance & Administration Division, provides ideas on how the nonprofit sector can communicate its priorities to government around what types of data it needs


Five Good Ideas about engaging today’s volunteers

May 25 – with David Allen, Executive Director, Volunteer Toronto. Discover ideas for finding, motivating and retaining enough of the right volunteers to meet the non-profit’s priorities and policies.

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