Maytree is committed to advancing systemic solutions to poverty and strengthening civic communities.

We take a human rights approach to addressing the systems that create poverty with the ultimate goal of having social and economic rights safeguarded for all people living in Canada.

Our work supports leaders, organizations and civic communities by developing and sharing knowledge; strengthening learning and leading; and mobilizing action to further social and economic rights.


Sketch of ideal neighbourhood - iStockphoto Transformative conversations about social housing

Many are talking about social housing – and the wide range of the conversations might surprise you. In this blog post, Jay Pitter, co-editor of Subdivided, an anthology exploring inclusive city-building, shares three powerful, transformative conversations she has had with social housing leaders about social privilege, shared leadership, local knowledge and systemic change. 

basic_income_spotlight Policy brief: Would a universal basic income reduce poverty?

This policy brief looks to make sense of the competing visions of basic income, what proposed solutions are on the table, how much they would cost and how those proposals differ from what we have today.

Submission report cover Maytree’s budget recommendation: index the Canada Child Benefit to inflation

The Canada Child Benefit (CCB) is a transformative policy that will provide immediate and meaningful help to low-income families with children. In our pre-budget submission to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance, Maytree recommends that the federal government preserve the strength of this investment by indexing the CCB to inflation in the 2017 budget.

News desk - iStockphoto How to reach out to the media to get your stories told

What we do as non-profits is important. So why is it so hard to get the media to pay attention? Read what four experts have to say about engaging the media in your work. From practical tips on pitching to how to identify untold stories in your field, this blog post can help inform and refresh your media relations strategies.

Markus Stadelman-Elder Maytree Opinion, July 2016
The discomfort of protest

Maytree’s director of communications, Markus Stadelmann-Elder, looks at the response to the Black Lives Matter Toronto protest at Toronto Pride and the feelings of discomfort it stirred up. While today’s technology allows us to comment – and push back – instantly, it may be better to wait and think first.

Jane Jacobs Prize winners 2016 Maytree Newsletter – July 2016

Read about the 2016 Jane Jacobs Prize winners and thoughts on a national housing strategy. Plus: upcoming conferences, new toolkits and publications, news from our partners and more in this month’s newsletter.


Community Change Institute

September 26-30 – The inaugural Community Change Institute by the Tamarack Institute is designed to be a truly transformational learning experience, bringing you the latest in community change with top speakers, an amazing faculty and over 40 workshops.

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