Aug 10 2011

2011 ALLIES Mentoring ConferenceImmigration policy in Canada is complex and is driven by both federal and provincial interests. At the 2011 ALLIES Mentoring Conference, Naomi Alboim, a leading expert in the field and Maytree Fellow, shed light on current trends in Canadian immigration, shared insights on foreign qualification recognition, and suggested potential new directions for mentoring.

According to Naomi, a dramatic sea change in Canada’s immigration system, policies and priorities is under way. There is a need for real public debate about what kind of country we want to be and what kind of immigration policy best leads us there.

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Find out more about the conference on the ALLIES site.

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Marco Campana is a communications expert living in Toronto and Maytree's former content manager.

  • Jim

    Look at the recent changes in the direction after the election, FSW is going down significantly.
    Foreign credential recognition program is total waste of money, as it is of little use if you are in regulated profession. If you are in a non regulated profession, no employer cares about the credential, rather, Canadian experience, or competence is what employer is looking for.