May 18 2012

hireimmigrants, provides businesses with the tools and resources they need to better recruit, retain and promote skilled immigrants. The site also profiles good examples and innovative practices of employers across the country. Each week we bring you a round up of the useful resources posted there.

City of Montreal’s Internships Give Newcomers First ‘Canadian’ Experience (Success Story)
Program helps newcomers integrate into Quebec workforce through on-the-job training, mentoring and coaching.

What You Can and Can’t Ask In an Interview (Article)
Country of origin is a protected characteristic under human rights legislation, which means employers can’t ask questions about a candidate’s nationality or immigration status during the recruitment process.

Skilled Immigrants Attract More Talent to Pythian (Video)
Paul Vallée, Founder and Executive Chairman of Pythian, talks about how skilled immigrant employees attract other “leading minds” to the Ottawa-based company.


In the news 

Harnessing Immigrant Mobility Means Prosperity for All Canadians
Numerous studies find immigration and economic growth go hand-in-hand

Immigration System Aims To React Fast To Corporate Needs
A roundup of the proposed immigration changes, and their potential impact, announced over the past few months.

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