Nov 06 2012

followmeontwitter_byFanie!Recently, Diversity Best Practices posted a list of diversity tweeters you should follow. Great list, great idea.

Here’s our own list of the five top Canadian diversity thought leaders you should follow:

Michael Bach @diversity_dude

Michael made the Diversity Best Practices list, very well deserved. Michael is part of the Maytree network, actively working with us to help ensure that skilled immigrants find their place in corporate Canada. However, his lens on diversity is much broader. While he’s very active on Twitter, you can also find him on YouTube, Pinterest and other social media spaces.

Elaine Newman @eGlobalLearning

Elaine runs Global Learning, a consulting and training company for employers. Her diversity lens is broad, and she provides a fantastic diversity and inclusion aggregation on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. If you’re interested in tracking international stories on diversity, inclusion and employers, you’ll want to follow this account. Also, download their Diversity Now app!

Schema Magazine @Schema_Magazine

Part of the “new mainstream” (a term often used by Doreen Iannuzzi – see next on the list), Schema is “an online magazine that is a blend of identity and pop culture for the 1.5 gen and beyond.” Schema is the brainchild of Alden E. Habacon (@aldenhabacon) and explores what he calls Diversity 2.0 (or “real-life diverse mainstream”), as experienced by “cultural navigator youth,” namely “those who recognized that they were informed by their ethnicity, but no longer defined by it.” Curious about how “the most culturally mobile, ethnically diverse, globally connected generation of Canadians to date” experience Canada? This account is for you. (In case you’re looking for a couple more Western Canadian diversity thought leaders be sure to follow @masalapuri and @tbains as well).

Doreen Iannuzzi@DoreenatDMS

Doreen is Vice President of New Media at MultimediaNova, one of Canada’s largest diversity publishers. Her tweets include marketing, communications and marketing mixed with links, and insights and opinions about diversity in Canada and beyond. A proponent of the idea that immigration and diversity in Canada are not made up of “others,” but are the “new mainstream,” Doreen can help you see beyond diversity as a niche issue and see it instead as an opportunity and point of Canadian pride. She also has a Twitter list related to the “new mainstream” where you can find more. You may find her in conversation with @NikishaRG from time to time, so you should probably also follow Nikisha.

Ritu Bhasin @Ritu_Bhasin

An active part of the Maytree network, Ritu specializes in consulting on people and HR management and leadership strategies, among other things. Follow Ritu for inspiration and information on corporate diversity, inclusion and change management.


Our thanks to Gerard Keledjian who recommended another leader to include here:

Yes, definitely! We encourage you to also follow Parag, a “Corporate Responsibility Expert, Specialist on Diversity, Inclusion and Social Capital Builder.” Thanks Gerard!

How to find more diversity/inclusion thought leaders on Twitter

Twitter allows you to share tweets and have conversations on specific topics, organized, archived and findable. It uses something called hashtags. Any time you see a # followed by a word or phrase (no spaces, please), this is the equivalent of categorizing or tagging a message. Others can follow, subscribe or easily find messages tagged in this way. Some people use hashtags to have organized, time-specific “Tweet chats” about a particular issue, or use them to help organize tweets from a specific event. In this case, check out #diversity and #inclusion to see what’s being shared/discussed.

Coming soon. Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media lists focused on skilled immigrants, refugees, refugee health, policy in Canadian politics, multicultural media and more. Got some topics and twitter accounts to suggest? Let us know, here or @maytree_canada!

Ah, yes, we’re on Twitter (in case you didn’t know). And not just Maytree. Find/follow us @citiesmigration, @hireimmigrants, @ratnaomi.


(Twitter image by Fanie Grégoire)


Marco Campana is a communications expert living in Toronto and Maytree's former content manager.

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    Awesome! Thanks for letting us know! :-)

  • Ho Hum

    “Diversity thought leaders” what a load of garbage! These are not leaders – these are people making a living feeding off of the taxpayer funded “Diversity” industry that promotes reverse discrimination. When Canadian wake up and realize how much this racist anti-white taxpayer funded garbage is costing us all of you people at the Maytree foundation and related parasite organizations will be out of jobs!