$50,000 per year over two years to implement the program Identities: The Documentary Series which will chronicle the lives and careers of a select number of jazz musicians from around the world whose search for their identities was challenged as a result of their decision to leave their families and make Canada their home.


Canadian Council for Refugees (CCR)
$90,000 over 3 years to the Canadian Council for Refugees for the purpose of furthering its charitable work around protection and settlement of refugees and immigrants in Canada.

Refugee Forum, through the Human Rights Research and Education Centre at the University of Ottawa
$83,100 for the establishment of the Refugee Forum to develop and promote positive reforms to Canada’s refugee system.


The Canadian Civil Liberties Education Trust
$75,000 per year for two years to the project Discrimination on the Basis of Immigration Status in Canada: When Is the Requirement of Citizenship Necessary? This project reviewed from a legal perspective whether or not citizenship is a valid criteria for access to specific rights, services and responsibilities.

Faculty of Law at the University of British Columbia
$150,000 over 3 years for a major project dealing with Canada’s involvement in human trafficking for sexual exploitation. The project documented the nature and extent of Canada’s role in human trafficking, developed policy recommendations and worked to create public awareness of the issue.


St. Christopher House
$10,000 for content development, research and outreach related to the Greater Toronto Summit 2011.

Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office
$55,000 in support of its activities to engage immigrants and refugees in issues of civic participation.


Canadian Council for Refugees (CCR)
$150,000 over 3 years to strengthen its communications capacity, including: working more effectively with the media; educating the public on refugee issues to increase support for Canada’s role in protecting refugees; developing and strengthening alliances with strategic partners beyond the refugee and immigration sector; and, increasing member capacity to engage in and impact public policy.

Refugee Forum, through the Human Rights Research and Education Centre at the University of Ottawa
$70,000 annually for three years to the Human Rights Research and Education Centre at the University of Ottawa to develop and promote positive reforms to Canada’s refugee system.

Romero House – Toronto Refugee Community Non-Profit Homes and Services
$5,000 to support its charitable work with refugees, in particular its “live-in volunteers” program.


Ontario Employment Education & Research Centre
$100,000 annually for two years for the Workers’ Rights Information & Support initiative to provide information, education and support to newcomers, women, immigrant and racialized workers about their rights at work and how to address workplace problems.

Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office
$50,000 to support of its activities to engage immigrants and refugees in issues of civic participation.


Dixon Hall
$70,000 to support the development of employment training programs in the Regent Park Community.

FCJ Refugee Centre
$52,000 annually for two years, for the expansion and implementation of a resource development plan and to support the centre’s work with the local refugee council.

Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office
$30,000 to establish a human resource management strategy and to develop and implement a communications plan.

World University Service of Canada (WUSC)
$75,000 over two years to develop links with alumni and other stakeholders. This project enabled WUSC to broaden and deepen its outreach to improve donor cultivation and to accelerate private sector fundraising activities.


CJL Foundation
$50,000 to support the foundation’s work with refugees by strengthening the “Welcome the Stranger” initiative and developing and implementing a fundraising strategy for future support.

Community Social Planning Council of Toronto
$5,000 to support the launch of the Community Social Services Campaign.

Couchiching Institute on Public Affairs
$20,850 for their 76th Annual Summer Conference focusing on diversity.

Institute for Research on Public Policy
$2,500 in support of its publication: Making the Connections: Ottawa’s Role in Immigrant Employment.

Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI)
$3,850 to hold workshops on working within CRA guidelines to its member agencies.

Public Policy Forum
$5,000 for the organization of the roundtable on Second Generation Canadians: Belonging, Participation and Citizenship.

St. Christopher House
$10,000 to support the agency in the hiring process for recruiting and selecting a new Executive Director.


Parkdale Community Legal Services
$30,000 to support its work in providing legal aid to protected persons.

Tyndale St. Georges Community Centre
$25,000 for the expansion of its Fund Development Program.


Scadding Court Community Centre
$55,000 to enable it to transfer and share knowledge on strategies to reduce poverty in Regent Park with the local residents’ council.

St. Christopher House
$30,000 for its work on modernizing income strategies for working age adults.


FCJ Hamilton House
$110,000 to provide technical and administrative assistance in the area of communications and public relations to increase the visibility of refugee issues by raising levels of awareness and empathy.

$20,000 to collect, analyse and disseminate information about the performance in math studies of students who have participated in the JUMP program.

PEN Canada
$40,000 to support the development of relationships with institutions that have expressed interest in the Writers in Exile Network.

Sojourn House and FCJ Hamilton House
$17,100 to develop and implement a fundraising strategy for their work in providing housing to refugees.

World University Services of Canada (WUSC)
$20,000 to modify its refugee sponsorship program to allow Convention refugee youth, who already reside in Canada, to participate in WUSC’s Student Refugee Program.


The Canadian Red Cross Society
$25,000 to strengthen the capacity to better address the immediate needs of young refugee claimants without a support network.

$55,490 to IMPACS to deliver an advanced media training program to leaders in Toronto’s immigrant and refugee-serving sector.

$36,600 to enhance its volunteer recruitment and training program.

Parkdale Community Legal Services
$150,000 to strengthen the capacity of marginalized contingent workers to address their employment issues.

Tides Canada Foundation
$200,000 to support the fundraising capacity building program at FCJ Hamilton House and Sojourn House in Toronto.

Toronto Community Foundation
$75,000 to launch a community leadership initiative that will position the foundation as a leading centre for community philanthropy.

Working Women Community Centre
$7,517 for a feasibility study of a multi-tenant non-profit centre in the west-end of Toronto.


Dixon Hall
$23,375 to explore and develop programming options to build the capacity of employment counsellors working with low-income immigrant women.

The Dominion Institute
$17,000 to enable refugees to speak about their experiences to school children as part of the Passages to Canada project.

George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology
$5,000 to determine the feasibility of launching a certificate-based program for employment counsellors working with immigrants.

George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology
$159,500 to provide a second year Career Development Practitioner Certificate Program to employment counsellors working with immigrants and refugees.

$53,900 for the development and implementation of a media-training program.

Lester B. Pearson College of the Pacific
$20,000 to support The Gateway Project to create stronger networks and systems to identify and prepare refugee students for their experience at the College.

Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI)
$12,000 for the Data Integration to Increase Inclusion project to enable OCASI to integrate its 10 existing databases across all programs in order to increase outreach capacity to member agencies and stakeholders.

Peel Community Connections
$11,600 for the development of a media strategy to provide refugee and immigrant volunteers with the necessary media-related skills to better educate their communities about the barriers newcomers face.

United Way of Greater Toronto
$300,000 to the Building Agency Capacity partnership with Maytree, The Ontario Trillium Foundation, and The United Way of Greater Toronto pilot initiative to increase the organizational capacity of agencies serving refugees and immigrants in the inner suburban communities of Toronto: Afghan Women’s Counselling and Integration Community Support Organization; Arab Community Centre of Toronto; Cliffcrest Community Centre; Ethiopian Association in Toronto; Midyanta Association of Somali Service Agencies; Scarborough Women’s Centre; and, South Asian Women’s Centre.

Working Skills Centre
$12,000 for the development of the Working Sisters Club.


Centre for Spanish Speaking Peoples
$12,000 to support the transition work needed to relocate the centre to northwest Toronto.

Community MicroSkills Development Centre
$12,000 for the development of a scholarship fund for refugee and immigrant women attending MicroSkills programs.

$12,000 to create linkages with the corporate sector and recruit corporate volunteers to work with refugees.

The Learning Enrichment Foundation
$3,130 to review the potential of the high-tech industry to generate work experience for new Canadians.

PEN Canada
$25,000 to develop a national Refugee Writers in Residence program in high schools, libraries and universities.

PEN Canada
$8,000 for the organization of The Power of Words: Persecution, Flight and Asylum events in Toronto and Ottawa in September and October 2001.

Skills for Change
$14,700 for a project that will determine interest in, and commitment from employment preparation staff who work with internationally-trained professionals to encourage ongoing development of quality programs and services to address emerging needs.

St. Stephen’s Community House
$12,000 to build the capacity of the agency to provide volunteer training for immigrants and refugees.

Tides Canada Foundation
$2,500 to strengthen the capacity of the Afghan Women’s Counselling and Integration Community Support Organization to work with Afghan refugee women in Toronto.

Toronto Neighbourhood Centres
$15,300 to enable it to engage in a public education strategy in support of an urban agenda for a liveable and sustainable Toronto.

York University, Schulich School of Business, Nonprofit Management and Leadership Program
$327,700 to provide a management certificate program for current and aspiring executive directors and managers of settlement, employment, and neighbourhood agencies working with refugees and immigrants.


The Centre for Social Justice
$146,000 for a training and mentoring project by and for low-income immigrant women aimed at improving their economic security.

Centre for Spanish Speaking Peoples
$10,000 for a planning study on a new facility.

$45,000 for engaging refugee and immigrant communities in a consultation process about Canadian charities, their advocacy role, and the federal regulatory framework.

$10,000 to support the development of an alumni initiative.

London Cross Cultural Learner Centre
$10,000 for its Organizational Audit and Change Project.

Muttart Foundation
$10,000 for the development of a directory of organizations undertaking public policy work in Canada.

New Canadians’ Centre of the Windsor-Essex County Family YMCA
$139,275 to implement the Labour Market Access Program for Foreign Trained Trades People.

Rexdale Women’s Centre
$10,000 to support the revision of the agency’s personnel policy manual.

Romero House
$35,000 for the project It Takes A Neighbourhood To Welcome A Refugee.

Skills for Change
$10,000 to support its Facilitating Alumni Participation project.

St. Michael’s Hospital
$165,000 to support the design and implementation of a three-year mentoring project to match immigrants and refugees with mentors at the hospital.

Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office
$9,850 to support the Volunteer Task Force Project in conjunction with the Aga Khan Social Welfare Board.

York University, International Women’s Human Rights Program
$19,454 to support a one-year project to develop the capacity and leadership of Afghan refugee women in Toronto to participate in and lead initiatives to support principles of human rights internationally.


Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture
$125,000 to develop and implement counselling strategies to facilitate the settlement and landing of Convention refugees in limbo.

Canadian Council for Refugees
$152,550 for a three-year capacity building program to enable the council to develop the capacity of its member delegates across the country, many of whom are refugees, to become effective spokespersons on issues related to refugee policies.

Concordia University, Institute in Management and Community Development
$32,770 to provide training, facilitation and learning supports to Leaders for Change, a leadership development program for immigrants in the Greater Toronto Area.

$94,412 to implement a mentoring program for internationally-trained professionals in the information technology industry.

Working Women Community Centre
$149,595 to implement a mentoring program to improve career and educational opportunities for young Portuguese-Canadian women.