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Tamarack — An Institute for Community Engagement

In 2002, Maytree co-founded the Tamarack Institute in partnership with Paul Born as President. Maytree’s relationship with Tamarack is part of its continuing efforts to reduce poverty through community engagement.

About Tamarack:

Tamarack is dedicated to helping Canadian communities take ownership of local issues by making use of proven strategies for community engagement. Community engagement is commonly defined as citizens from different sectors of a community working and learning together, and taking leadership to address issues that affect them all. By focusing directly on the social process and on local leadership, Tamarack helps to build relationships among people and foster trust. The Institute also frames and identifies community issues and articulates the social process in a way that engages people from different sectors in the issue. Tamarack facilitates an ongoing learning process through which communities begin to generate their own knowledge, and apply that knowledge in their work.

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