Grants & Scholarships

Refugee & Immigrant Grants

Maytree believes that immigrants and refugees can play a significant role in building and strengthening Canada – in particular its urban communities.

If you have an exciting idea on how to better integrate new arrivals to Canada, we want to hear from you.

Grants are provided to not-for-profit, charitable organizations:

  • To test new ways of addressing the needs of immigrants and refugees and accelerating their settlement in Canada.
  • To enable immigrants and refugees be heard on issues that concern them.
  • To research and develop progressive immigration policy.

Grants are generally not provided:

  • To organizations whose primary focus is not related to immigrants and refugees but to the wider community (e.g. health, environmental and housing projects).
  • To provide basic, essential services to immigrants and refugees.
  • To simply build the capacity of not-for-profit organizations, unless such activity can be shown to directly benefit refugees and immigrants.

To learn more about the activities we fund, please read about active and completed grants. Also read the program guidelines before completing an application.

Eligible organizations should download and complete the grant eligibility form and send it to