Maytree works to combat systemic poverty and build strong civic communities in Canada.

Integration & Diversity Programs

Maytree invests in developing, testing and implementing programs related to immigration, integration and diversity.

Assisting Local Leaders with Immigrant Employment Solutions (ALLIES)

ALLIES provides funding, technical expertise and networks to Canadian cities so that they can successfully adapt and implement local ideas for skilled immigrants to find suitable employment. Delivered in partnership with the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation.

Cities of Migration

Cities of Migration promotes excellence and innovation in integration practices by identifying successful local examples from cities around the world and connecting the people behind them. With support from Bertelsmann Stiftung, The Cadbury Barrow Trust and The Tindall Foundation, Maytree is taking the lead on establishing this first-ever network of international expertise grounded in local knowledge.

DiverseCity – The Greater Toronto Leadership Program

DiverseCity – The Greater Toronto Leadership Project launched in 2008 to change the face of leadership in the Greater Toronto Region. Maytree and the Greater Toronto CivicAction Alliance knew that a more diverse leadership was required to create a stronger and more prosperous city region. In 2009, only 13% of the city region’s leadership were visible minorities vs. 49.5% of the population studied. To address this gap, we created a series of action-oriented leadership development initiatives enabling hundreds of new leaders to emerge across the public, corporate and nonprofit sectors.