Maytree conducts practical, policy-relevant research on poverty, cities and urban prosperity, and civic engagement.

We also share research on a variety of social policy issues conducted by our partners.

The research provides evidence that can help inform policy and decision-making at all levels of government and across sectors.

Latest Reports

Who_Votes_coverWho Votes in Toronto Municipal Elections

This new study conducted for Maytree by Ryerson University Professor Myer Siemiatycki and geographic analyst Sean Marshall identifies important variations in voter turnout among eligible Toronto voters. The study explored the connection between municipal voting behaviour and some of Toronto’s prime demographic characteristics like immigrant status, visible minority identity, income and home ownership.

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manyfacesofleadershipThe Many Faces of Leadership in a Thriving City: A Rethink of the Toronto Narrative

Toronto residents have been told over and over that their City faces a leadership crisis. The media has frantically reported on the scandal and intrigue. The mayor has been stripped of his powers. They are told that Council is dysfunctional and that the city, crippled by gridlock and mismanagement, is failing. This narrative misses the mark, argues Alan Broadbent in the second in a series of IMFG Pre-Election Perspectives papers. The fact is, Toronto is booming, and this hasn’t happened by accident.

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