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Five Good Ideas is now available as an audio book. Purchase it here.

Coach House Books has published Five Good Ideas: Practical Strategies for Non-Profit Success. Featuring a collection of the best ideas from our Five Good Ideas sessions, we’re sure that you’ll find the book a handy quick-reference guide.

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Five Good Ideas™: Practical Strategies for Non-Profit Success is the first in a series of books to be published based on the popular lunch-and-learn program of the same name.

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Five Good Ideas about Building Nonprofit Communications Capacity

If you deliver nonprofit communications, you are likely familiar with the feeling of operating at – or beyond – capacity. But there is always more to do, more to achieve. How would the community you serve benefit if you were able to build your communications capacity? What does communications capacity mean to you and what would your increased capacity allow you to achieve? In...

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The City of Toronto plays a large role in the life of its residents, delivering a wide range of services and programs from police...

Re-imagining Your Organization

Nick Saul shared Five Good Ideas gleaned from his work in transforming a small, local food bank into a thriving community food centre: a...

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Are you one of those people who rarely forwards emails? Yet on that rare occasion, something strikes you as special - and you are...