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Since Toronto’s amalgamation in 1998, multi-tenant (rooming) houses have operated in a sort of regulatory limbo. The right regulatory framework could enable both tenants of multi-tenant houses and their landlords to come out of the closet.
This policy brief provides a high-level overview of some of the key points on the number of people and households in housing need and supported through housing programs, funding for housing programs, and the degree to which this all impacted the number of people who were homeless.
Social assistance reform, acts of kindness, housing, and public transit, all featured in this month's issue.
The Ontario government laid out an encouraging vision for transforming social assistance. However, without an implementation plan, this vision will not become a reality.
How do we best address growing colour-coded inequality – for Indigenous peoples and peoples of colour, including Black Canadians?
The fare policy review by the Toronto Transit Commission is a golden opportunity to reimagine the role of public transit as a human right and advance a pandemic recovery plan that addresses poverty, racism, and the digital divide.


April 22, 2021
Marina Glogovac, President & CEO of CanadaHelps