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Maytree has released the latest Welfare in Canada report showing the total income households on social assistance would have received in 2018.
A vision for Canada after the federal election, a historic step forward in housing rights, lessons from Ontario's Basic Income Pilot, and more.
Podcasting is growing in popularity as a tool for reaching and engaging new audiences. But how can nonprofits use it to fulfill their missions?
The non-profit sector is seeing a shift toward people-centred civic engagement. Sree Nallamothu from Toronto Neighbourhood Centres writes about how the organization is exploring and strengthening this practice.
Canada has a “hung” parliament, and the Liberals will have to find support from other political parties to govern. Although Maytree does not have party status, we have an idea of what policy ideas we would want the government to implement if it was looking for our support.
In the November 2019 issue of the Literary Review of Canada, Elizabeth McIsaac and Bruce Porter write about what it means that Canada now has the right to housing recognized in legislation and how we got to this point.


November 26, 2019
Susan Manwaring, Partner, Miller Thomson LLP