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Concessions made to get the new regulatory framework for rooming houses passed undermine the intent of the framework. The City should approach enforcement with the goals of protecting tenants and preserving affordable housing supply.
In this month’s newsletter: Why we’re not celebrating rooming house legalization just yet, strong mayors shouldn’t mean minority rule, remembering Nell Toussaint, and more.
Reflecting on Nell Toussaint, a human rights claimant and advocate, Bruce Porter remembers her as she was, in contrast to how she was portrayed by the Canadian legal system. Nell Toussaint passed away on January 9, 2023.
In this session, Amy and Katie offer tangible advice on how we can better incorporate our missions and values in our engagement with technology.
The strong-mayor system does offer many benefits. But letting a mayor get legislation through with support from only one-third of council isn’t democratic.
The Canada Revenue Agency needs to change course on its verification criteria for the Canada Housing Benefit supplement. Otherwise it will have stolen the opportunity from people living in deep poverty to access support they so urgently need.