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Looking at how Canada’s social safety net fails single adults on social assistance, using a human rights-based approach to fight poverty, how to approach workplace mental health, and the latest news from our partners and network.
The prevalence of single adults living in poverty shows us that our social safety net is a relic of another era.
In this interview, Elizabeth McIsaac talks about how Maytree hopes to change Canada’s culture of human rights through local collaboration and a human rights-based approach in the foundation's work.
In this session, Katharine Coons, National Senior Manager, Workplace Mental Health at Canadian Mental Health Association, shares her five good ideas on how to create a psychologically healthy and safe workplace.
Why wasn’t poverty the top issue of Ontario’s election campaign? Our next government must address the poverty crisis, whether they campaigned on it or not.
A group retirement plan such as Common Good is attractive to workers. It enables them to maximize their savings, minimize their costs, and retire in dignity.