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If we’re going to build a better post-pandemic future, we cannot fall back into our pre-pandemic cynicism and division. We need to have all orders of government working together. And we need civil society to rediscover the spirit of cooperation.
In the first Five Good Ideas session of the season, Paul Taylor, Executive Director of FoodShare Toronto, talked about his own experience in advocating for change and presented his five good ideas for you to use in your own work.
Around the world cities are standing up to local and national governments, demanding rights on asylum, climate change, income equality, disability rights and housing. Maytree president Elizabeth McIsaac spoke to Sukanya Pillay on the Just Planet podcast.
By acting now and by moving quickly, the federal and provincial governments can become important partners in closing the existing gaps and realizing the right to housing for everyone.
There's a tension between professional expertise and everyday experience that shapes much of what we do. For solutions to work, we need to ensure that we recognize the importance of expertise that resides in our communities.
The recovery package announced by the federal government on August 20 should be welcome news for provincial and territorial governments. They should now reinvest the savings from the federally-funded EI changes in social assistance recipients.


October 28, 2020
Alex Mazer, co-founder, Common Wealth and Nora Beatty, Director of People Operations, Common Wealth