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A group retirement plan such as Common Good is attractive to workers. It enables them to maximize their savings, minimize their costs, and retire in dignity.
Join Teresa Marques, President & CEO of the Rideau Hall Foundation, for five good ideas on how to navigate effective partnership development within the non-profit and charitable sector.
In this month's newsletter, housing is in the spotlight: building our way out of a crisis?, the federal budget's plan, More Homes for Everyone Act, and more.
It’s simple: every person needs a home, and it is our governments' job to use all tools they have to make sure that can happen. But the plan has to be more than just “build more.”
This policy brief breaks down Budget 2022’s housing plan and suggests ways the federal government can better address the housing affordability challenges of those who are most in need.
Remarks to the Standing Committee on the Legislative Assembly of Ontario on the proposed Bill 109, More Homes for Everyone Act, 2022.


June 1, 2022
Katharine Coons, M.Sc., National Workplace Mental Health Specialist, Canadian Mental Health Association