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It has become commonplace to talk about the impact of social media on campaigns for change. Here are five tips on how you can use social media to grow your movement.
We must embed the right to housing in legislation and support that commitment with strong institutions and procedures that empower Canadians to claim their rights, ensure meaningful accountability, and achieve better housing outcomes.
Maytree’s Kate Butler spoke to Stephen Hurley, founder of VoicEd Radio, about teaching young people about human rights, and encouraging students to engage with their communities.
Submission to CMHC’s National Consultation on a Human Rights-Based Approach to Housing
It's easy to be cynical about party politics, but the people knocking on your door this election season are the engine that makes our democracy run. Here's why you should thank them.
In this Five Good Ideas, Ravi Jain and Dan Watson helped us to think about a few ways we can create the circumstances for us to feel comfortable when speaking to large groups.

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