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For anyone working in a for-profit, non-profit, or charitable organization, it is critically important to have a robust finance and accounting team that can help them understand and leverage the financial aspects of their organization.
This policy brief provides a summary and analysis of the Office of the Parliamentary Budget Officer’s (OPBO) report, Distributional and Fiscal Analysis of a National Guaranteed Basic Income.
Toronto’s experience with the human right to housing is just one example of how local communities in Canada and around the world are acting on human rights.
Putting people at the centre of policy decisions, post-pandemic changes, and two upcoming webinars, all in this month's newsletter.
People suffer when we do not put them at the centre of our collective decisions. For example, our pandemic response for schools failed to prioritize the rights of children and youth.
Presentation to the Standing Committee on General Government regarding Schedule 21 of Bill 276, Supporting Recovery and Competitiveness Act, 2021.