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We can do better at social assistance. We must re-imagine a social assistance system that is founded on dignity and human rights.
How we can do better at social assistance; a story from The Stop Community Food Centre; and latest partner and network news.
Exploring the importance of peer leadership in the non-profit sector, the experiences of peers as community advocates, and the “grey area” that peer roles sometimes put them in.
Latest update looks at how welfare incomes varied across every province and territory for four example households in 2019.
Report highlights key human rights considerations and implications to help guide the design and implementation of multi-tenant homes policies consistent with Toronto’s existing housing objectives and human rights obligations.
With over 40% of Canadians living paycheque to paycheque, more employers are asking what they can do to increase the financial health of their staff.


December 3, 2020
Mary W. Rowe, President and CEO, Canadian Urban Institute