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Diving into summer inspiration, reconceptualizing our systems for human rights, Social Assistance Summaries, 2021, and revisiting a season of Five Good Ideas.
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Using a human rights approach means reconceptualizing what our systems do, what they aim for, and who they serve. It is the ultimate in systems change. In this article for the Philanthropist, Elizabeth McIsaac reflects on Maytree's work and role in implementing a human rights approach to poverty.
The policy brief distills the key findings of the Social Assistance Summaries, 2021 report and identifies how the data informs possible policy actions to improve social assistance programs across Canada.
The prevalence of single adults living in poverty shows us that our social safety net is a relic of another era.
In this interview, Elizabeth McIsaac talks about how Maytree hopes to change Canada’s culture of human rights through local collaboration and a human rights-based approach in the foundation's work.