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In the November 2019 issue of the Literary Review of Canada, Elizabeth McIsaac and Bruce Porter write about what it means that Canada now has the right to housing recognized in legislation and how we got to this point.
While the Ontario Basic Income Pilot was cancelled shortly after it started, there are still lessons to be learned.
If a government is planning to spend over $5.5 billion a year, shouldn't it be spent on healthcare, housing, infrastructure, and/or paying down the deficit?
In this session, Paulette Senior provided key insights on reflexive leadership as a lifelong effort to do the hard work of changemaking, starting with yourself and moving outward to your organization and the broader society itself.
What is happening at Maytree, why cutting taxes on EI benefits may not be good policy, a right to housing for Toronto, and more.
Analyzing two competing policy proposals that the Liberal and Conservative parties have put forward regarding Employment Insurance maternity and parental leave benefits during the 2019 federal election.


October 29, 2019
Ausma Malk, Director of Social Engagement, Atkinson Foundation
November 26, 2019
Susan Manwaring, Partner, Miller Thomson