News and updates
This month we discuss the value of sports in our communities, the upcoming Toronto mayoral election, and hear from local journals about housing and rental issues.
In this session, Liz Weaver and Mike Des Jardins of the Tamarack Institute share stories and provide helpful ideas about how to make a collaboration more sustainable, resilient, and impactful.
Any serious candidate for mayor must show voters what they will bring to this problem, beyond police and beyond shelters. Will they act urgently and with all the resources they can muster to fix the many systems that are pushing people into homelessness?
Social Assistance Summaries, 2022 allows you to see how many people are receiving social assistance and how those numbers have changed over time.
If the progressive realization of economic and social rights is to be the North Star of Canadian social policy, it cannot be contingent on the actions of one government alone.
In this Five Good Ideas session, Dr. Tanya (Toni) De Mello, VP Equity and Community Inclusion at Toronto Metropolitan University, explores the ways in which feeling like you belong, knowing that you will be included, and seeing your work community as "your" community matters.