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Five Good Ideas about building power for change
Statistics Canada is now using an updated version of the federally adopted poverty measure, the market basket measure (MBM). Here's what you need to know about the new 2018-base MBM.
The Ontario government is piloting significant changes to how employment and training supports are delivered to social assistance recipients. These changes could adversely affect the quality of services provided to people living in poverty.
This new civil society initiative will work with policymakers and mobilize broad-based support to ensure the robust implementation of Canada’s right to housing legislation.
The Common Good Retirement Plan offers a portable workplace retirement plan for social sector workers. But it cannot be built without government financial support.
With the Ontario government's public consultations on a new Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS), non-profits have an opportunity to shape a meaningful five-year course of action to address poverty. Here are five ideas we'd like to see in the new PRS.


February 26, 2020
Michal Hay, Founding Executive Director, Progress Toronto
March 24, 2020
Debbie Douglas, Executive Director, OCASI (Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants) and Avvy Go, Clinic Director, Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Clinic