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This month we discuss how spending big money is responsible, and examine three different aspects of housing: rent-geared-to-income assistance, protecting affordable homes, and housing rights for those living in encampments.
The government’s duty is to spend responsibly, which means supporting the economic and social rights of each person in Canada. This means using maximum available resources.
What does digital transformation actually mean, and how should we think about and approach this seemingly overwhelming task?
This policy brief provides an overview of and comments on the intent of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing’s proposed regulation changes to household income and asset limits for RGI assistance.
The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increased number of encampments across Canada. Our response needs to be guided by adopting a human rights-based approach.
Since Toronto’s amalgamation in 1998, multi-tenant (rooming) houses have operated in a sort of regulatory limbo. The right regulatory framework could enable both tenants of multi-tenant houses and their landlords to come out of the closet.


June 15, 2021
Jeff Szeto, Chief Financial Officer at Avana Capital Corporation and Maytree