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This month's newsletter focuses on a subject that we're hearing about often: Housing. We also discuss the findings of our annual Welfare in Canada report, our most recent Five Good Ideas sessions, and more.
Governments keep treating the housing crisis as a supply crisis rather than an affordable housing and homelessness crisis, and keep relying on the market to save us.
In this session, George Georghiades, Principal and CEO of Lexington Park Real Estate Capital Inc., presents his five ideas on how non-profits can best prepare, manage, and use their office space.
Recorded on November 24, the Welfare in Canada, 2021 launch event started with a brief presentation of the report’s key findings, followed by a panel discussion.
Maytree is releasing the 2021 edition of Welfare in Canada. This annual report breaks down the welfare incomes available to four types of households that qualify for social assistance in each province and territory.
Written submission to the Standing Committee on Heritage, Infrastructure and Cultural Policy regarding proposals to strengthen Bill 23, More Homes Built Faster Act, 2022.


January 25, 2023
Katie Gibson and Amy Sample Ward