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Reimagining and rebuilding our cities and municipalities on the principles of human rights is needed to ensure a more equitable recovery and future post COVID-19. The old organizing principles simply won’t do.
Recent data from the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation shows that rents are going up, pandemic or not.
In this session, Kristen Pennington, Partner, Employment and Privacy Law at McMillan LLP, discusses meaningful ways an organization can prevent workplace harassment.
Recovery rests on investments in people and public services, Maytree Policy School 2021 class, and people-centred rural recovery.
Governments must be guided by evidence, and willing to change course when needed. Decisions should be grounded in the principles of human rights. The responsibility to support our economic and social rights must be at the fore.
Elizabeth McIsaac, President of Maytree, spoke to TVO’s Nam Kiwanuka about a human rights approach to our post-pandemic recovery.