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Tracking our progress on fighting poverty, building a Toronto with affordable housing, and more.
The Ontario government could have used the 2019 Fall Economic Statement to demonstrate that it was re-orienting its priorities on social assistance and poverty. Instead, the government’s silence on them spoke volumes.
In this video, learn about five good ideas to help minimize the risk of a CRA audit and be in a good position if and when the CRA auditor gives your organization a call.
On November 26, Toronto City Council has an opportunity to set a new course on public housing by approving a new funding model for Toronto Community Housing.
Homelessness is the sharp end of our affordable housing crisis, but that crisis is a human rights crisis that stretches into many corners of our city. While we need more shelter spaces, our solutions cannot begin and end there.
Maytree has released the latest Welfare in Canada report showing the total income households on social assistance would have received in 2018.


January 28, 2020
Christine Yip, Founder & Managing Director, Organizations for Impact