About Maytree

At Maytree, we believe that poverty is created when economic and social systems do not keep pace with our changing world. This impacts the quality of life in our communities.

The most enduring way to fix the systems that create poverty is to ensure that economic and social rights are respected, protected, and fulfilled for all people living in Canada.

We work to advance systemic solutions to poverty through a human rights approach. Through our work, we support non-profit organizations, their leaders, and people they work with by:

  • Developing and sharing knowledge across the non-profit sector and governments;
  • Strengthening leadership capacity; and
  • Mobilizing action to secure economic and social rights for all.

Maytree has been dedicated to creating solutions to poverty with our many partners since it was founded in 1982. We listen to the voices of communities to understand their most pressing needs and priorities. We work with governments at all levels because they are central players in creating equity and prosperity. We collaborate with civil society organizations, policy advisors, employers, and major institutions to build strong and vital communities.