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These stories highlight what organizations and individuals are doing to reduce poverty and strengthen their communities, as well as how and why they do the work that they do.

Published on 15/04/2021

Since Toronto’s amalgamation in 1998, multi-tenant (rooming) houses have operated in a sort of regulatory limbo. The right regulatory framework could enable both tenants of multi-tenant houses and their landlords to come out of the closet.

On April 12, 2021, the City of Toronto announced its plans to consult on the future of multi-tenant houses (traditionally called rooming houses) in Toronto. That’s good news! Since Toronto’s amalgamation in 1998, multi-tenant houses have operated in a sort of regulatory limbo. They are legal and regulated in the old City of Toronto, illegal […]

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Published on 25/03/2021

The fare policy review by the Toronto Transit Commission is a golden opportunity to reimagine the role of public transit as a human right and advance a pandemic recovery plan that addresses poverty, racism, and the digital divide.

Transit ridership in Toronto dropped dramatically at the beginning of the pandemic as people who could work from home stayed put. But essential transit trips continued for those who relied on public transit to get groceries, access medical care, and commute to essential workplaces. A survey conducted by University of Toronto researchers found that people […]

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Published on 25/03/2021

Throughout April, staff at the Children’s Breakfast Clubs would like to use their social media channels to highlight random acts of kindness people are performing in these difficult times.

The Children’s Breakfast Clubs, a Maytree grantee, has always focused on ensuring that its children are kind and caring towards each other, their teachers, their parents, and members of the community. To reinforce this, six years ago, it initiated an “act of kindness” campaign during the month of April to stress how important it is […]

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Published on 24/03/2021

We spoke with Connor Bays, Director of Employer Solutions at Common Wealth, to learn more about the Common Good Plan and why it’s a good idea for non-profits to invest in their employees' financial security.

Employers and workers in Canada’s non-profit and charitable sector have a new option for a workplace savings and retirement plan. The Common Good Plan is provided by Common Wealth Retirement, a Toronto-based fintech company that is on a mission to make it possible for every Canadian to achieve a financially secure retirement. It is working […]

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Published on 10/02/2021

Reimagining and rebuilding our cities and municipalities on the principles of human rights is needed to ensure a more equitable recovery and future post COVID-19. The old organizing principles simply won’t do.

The belief that smaller government and unfettered markets are best able to meet our individual and societal needs has been the main organizing principle shaping western societies over the past 40 years. It has been used to rationalize cuts to vital community programs and services, or even the complete withdrawal of government from key social […]

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Published on 18/01/2021

Community-led interventions matter more than ever during COVID-19; they will be integral to an equitable recovery.

Across Ontario over the last ten months, we’ve seen how vital community-based responses are for ensuring people can stay safe and healthy during the pandemic. We’ve seen neighbours checking in on each other, people volunteering to deliver food and other essentials, and service providers supporting isolated and vulnerable people. We’ve also seen innovation, including technology […]

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Published on 15/12/2020

To respond to the challenges and financial hardship workers in their networks are facing, the OEERC and the Workers’ Action Centre, alongside community partners, have been working hard to come up with ways to provide support.

The low-wage, immigrant, racialized, and migrant workers we work with at the Ontario Employment Education and Research Centre (OEERC) have been disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Many work in temporary, part-time, contract, or precarious jobs, and often in more than one workplace. Even before the pandemic, many workers […]

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Published on 20/11/2020

Exploring the importance of peer leadership in the non-profit sector, the experiences of peers as community advocates, and the “grey area” that peer roles sometimes put them in.

The Stop Community Food Centre may be renowned for offerings like our healthy food bank, community kitchens, and drop-in meals, but we know that charitable interventions aren’t a solution to chronic food insecurity in our city. Instead, our mission is to increase access to healthy food in a manner that maintains dignity, builds health and […]

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Published on 27/10/2020

Interview with chef and activist Joshna Maharaj about her book Take Back the Tray.

Food is our common denominator as humans. We need it to heal, to grow, and to thrive. It’s a source of strength, joy, connection, and life. Good food nourishes us, and it’s time for us do the same for our food system. So let’s take back dignity, hospitality, sustainability, and equality. Joshna Maharaj, Take Back […]

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