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These stories highlight what organizations and individuals are doing to reduce poverty and strengthen their communities, as well as how and why they do the work that they do.

Published on 02/04/2020

[Five Good Ideas: Home Office Series] Thomas Appleyard starts our series by sharing his five good ideas on how to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

To help us navigate a new way of working during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re reaching out to experts in our network and asking them to share their five good ideas on issues that matter to non-profit professionals. We will share their responses in our new “Five Good Ideas: Home Office Series.” We begin the series […]

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Published on 04/03/2020

We spoke to Stephen Gaetz (President & CEO, Canadian Observatory on Homelessness), Melanie Redman (President & CEO, A Way Home Canada), and Julia Lalande (Managing Director, Making the Shift) about this ambitious new undertaking.

You might be surprised to learn that 20 per cent of our homeless population comprises youth between the ages of 13 and 25. Despite these numbers, homelessness strategies and responses — like emergency shelters and soup kitchens — are designed for adults, and fail to respond to the distinct causes of youth homelessness or the […]

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Published on 24/02/2020

A new civil society initiative is working to ensure the meaningful implementation of the right to housing in Canada.

Canada’s historic right to housing legislation, which came into effect in June 2019, has the potential to provide meaningful access to justice for the right to housing and create long-term solutions to our homelessness crisis. But as with the drafting of the legislation, its implementation will require a sustained effort from civil society to engage […]

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Published on 27/01/2020

Miles Corak, professor of economics at the City University of New York, puts forth three findings about the intergenerational impacts of income inequality.

To what extent are your outcomes in life determined by your parents’ financial status? In a public lecture hosted by the Environics Institute for Survey Research and the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, Miles Corak, professor of economics at the City University of New York, presented three findings about inequality and its […]

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Published on 18/12/2019

[Series: Rights-based participation] Authentic rights-based participation will require that we be deliberate about naming and addressing the systemic oppressions of those who are disproportionately affected by poverty.  

Over the course of the year, Maytree has explored the role of people with lived or living experience of poverty in finding solutions to poverty. Using a human rights approach to poverty requires the participation of those affected in all stages of the decision-making process. While in principle, there is a growing acknowledgement that people […]

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Published on 10/12/2019

To mark an extraordinary year for housing rights in Canada and in Toronto, we wanted to capture the possibilities opened up by the recognition of the right to housing.

This December 10, Human Rights Day, the City of Toronto’s Planning and Housing Committee is considering the City’s new HousingTO 2020-2030 Action Plan. In a first for Toronto, the plan expressly recognizes housing as fundamental human right essential to human dignity and wellbeing, and sets out a number of actions and targets to progressively realize […]

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Published on 22/11/2019

Homelessness is the sharp end of our affordable housing crisis, but that crisis is a human rights crisis that stretches into many corners of our city. While we need more shelter spaces, our solutions cannot begin and end there.

On this November 22, National Housing Day — a little more than two decades after the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee and City Council declared homelessness a national disaster — Toronto’s permanent shelter system will be operating at 94 per cent capacity. On November 6, the City announced its winter services plan, which promised, among other […]

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Published on 30/10/2019

[Series: Rights-based participation] The non-profit sector is seeing a shift toward people-centred civic engagement. Sree Nallamothu from Toronto Neighbourhood Centres writes about how the organization is exploring and strengthening this practice.

Toronto Neighbourhood Centres (TNC) is an association of 28 non-profit multi-service organizations dedicated to strengthening local neighbourhoods by supporting the efforts of individuals in all sectors of society to participate fully in the processes that shape their communities. For the latest installment of our blog series on rights-based participation, we reached out to Sree Nallamothu, […]

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Published on 18/10/2019

Recording of the webinar: The Road to the Right to Housing in Canada: How did we get here? What's next?

The right to adequate housing is a fundamental human right that lies at the heart of human dignity, and is key to the realization of other rights.  Housing must be prioritized – and coordinated – by the federal government, all provinces, and municipalities. Featuring Emily Paradis, Maytree Fellow, Janice Arsenault, Charter Challenge Applicant, Mike Creek, […]

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