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Everyone has the right to a life without poverty. The most enduring way to keep people out of poverty is to reimagine and rebuild our social systems to respect, protect, and fulfill the economic and social rights of every person in Canada.

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Maytree advances evidence-based policy solutions that protect and promote economic and social rights for all people in Canada, with an emphasis on prioritizing those most in need.

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Data & measuring

Find the latest data for the number of social assistance recipients and welfare incomes in every province and territory.

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We support the creation of accountability institutions, such as dedicated offices for commissioners and advocates. We collect and analyze data that can be a tool to hold governments accountable.

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We support and advocate for rights-based participation, so people and communities have meaningful opportunities to participate in the public decisions that affect them.

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Our work on advancing economic and social rights raises the question: what if we built all of our systems on a foundation of human rights?

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