Community of Practice: Advancing a Culture of Human Rights for Poverty Solutions

The Community of Practice: Advancing a Culture of Human Rights for Poverty Solutions is intended to engage individuals and organizations who are applying or want to apply a rights-based approach in their work.

Participants meet by webinar every two to three months. Topics discussed during the webinars will focus on the sharing of good practices and lessons learned to advance a culture of human rights in Canada.

What is in it for you?

By joining this community of practice, you will be able to share your experiences and knowledge with others who are working on similar challenges or issues.

By engaging in conversations with your peers, you will uncover new approaches to problems, build your skill set, access new ideas, and contribute to building good practices.

What will the community offer?

The community of practice will

  • Provide a facilitated forum for exploring themes and applications related to human rights and finding solutions to poverty;
  • Share lessons, successes, and challenges on applying a human rights approach in their work on poverty;
  • Support and encourage the development and sharing of expertise; and
  • Keep abreast of, and participate in, leading practices.

Who is part of the community?

Participants come from communities across the country.

How can you join?

There’s no cost to participate in the Community of Practice. All you have to do is to sign up for the mailing list and we will keep you informed of upcoming events and new resources.

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Still have questions?

Reach out to Kate Butler at

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