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Creating an Automatic Marketing Culture

Published on 22/10/2009

Are you one of those people who rarely forwards emails? Yet on that rare occasion, something strikes you as special – and you are inspired to “pass-it-on.” Something about it clicked with you. Perhaps you can’t even explain it; a certain je ne sais quoi. That “something” is often described by marketers as “stickiness.” Stickiness is typically associated with “Viral Marketing.”

But who wants to spread a virus? When we connect with a message, a video, a website – we automatically engage with it, and want to share it. We don’t even have to be asked, because it’s automatic. At this Five Good Ideas session, participants discovered five things your organization can do to grow an automatic marketing culture – and have your messages exponentially spread by your constituents.

Link to Automatic Marketing presentation:

Five Good Ideas

  1. Encourage honesty and creativity
  2. Know your community very well
  3. Discover and communicate your “stickiness”
  4. Be very good to your Ambassadors
  5. Track and reward successes

Five Good Resources

  1. A suggestions box, and community animators
  2. A telephone, and a good database
  3. The internet, and charisma
  4. Your email inbox, and spokesperson(s)
  5. A calculator, and recipe book

Viral videos presented


Donnie Claudino

Marketing Manager, Bikes Without Borders

Donnie Claudino is the founder of the Toronto Cause to Market Group and the Non-profit Marketing Group of the American Marketing Association (in Boston). As a board member of the AMA he developed a marketing training series —‘the non-profit marketers’ tool box’— to help non-profit managers better understand how and when to utilize marketing tools. He has held positions as a journalist, graphics and web designer, advertising art director, communications manager and marketing director, working with (and at) organizations in the United States and Canada, including Boston University, madd, Sierra Club, Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation, United Planet and TechSoup Canada. Donnie holds a bachelor’s degree in advertising design, and a master’s in marketing with a concentration in non-profit management.