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Five Good Ideas about creating partnerships with media

Published on 29/05/2013

Can’t get the media to pay attention to your organization? One of the most frustrating tasks for non-profit groups, regardless of their size, has been to get reporters to cover their stories and tell the public about some of their great initiatives. To deal with this problem, more and more groups are forming unique partnerships with media organizations aimed at better connecting them with their communities, increasing awareness of their activities and helping in fundraising. What’s more, it’s often the media organizations – not the non-profits – that are bringing these new ideas to the table. Bob Hepburn, a columnist and corporate communications specialist, shared his ideas on the dos and don’ts on how to pitch journalists and how to build new and innovative partnerships with the media.

Five Good Ideas

  1. Connect with the gatekeepers
  2. Go local with good, strong examples
  3. Don’t wait for a crisis
  4. Propose realistic and relevant solutions
  5. Be flexible

Five Good Resources

  1. Marketing Magazine covers Canada’s marketing industry and provides reports on recent trends in public relations, advertising and marketing.
  2. IABC/Toronto is one of the largest chapters of the International Association of Business Communicators and holds seminars and provides advice in corporate communications and public relations.
  3. International Newspaper Marketing Association provides insights and analysis of innovative and effective programs to reach targeted audiences.
  4. Marketwire is one of Canada’s leading news distributors, providing press release distribution, newswire services and online media monitoring.
  5. Gray, Jim (2010). How Leaders Speak: Essential Rules for Engaging and Inspiring Others. Dundurn Books.

Bob Hepburn

Columnist, Toronto Star

Bob Hepburn is a columnist for the Toronto Star. He is an award-winning journalist who was the Star’s editorial page editor from 2002 to 2008. Before that, he was the Star’s national editor and its foreign editor. As a reporter, he served as the Star’s Jerusalem-based Middle East bureau chief for six years and as its Washington bureau chief for four years. Prior to moving to Washington, he spent six years in Ottawa for the Star, including four years as its parliamentary bureau chief. He has reported from some 40 countries and covered six Canadian prime ministers and two American presidents. He has also served on the board of directors of the Canadian Journalists for Free Expression organization.