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Reaching Out in a Web 2.0 World

Published on 30/10/2007

Do you know what is meant by “Web 2.0”? And, more importantly, are you ready to live it? Many people mistakenly believe that the web is simply about reaching more people, publishing more information and targeting a wider audience. In truth, this is only a tiny part of how the web is helping change society for the better. Traditional institutions are becoming weaker; consumers are more informed; people have higher expectations of services, charities and governments. Jason Mogus understands that the internet now reflects this change and represents a culture shift impacting upon us all. He reveals how and why Web 2.0 can help organizations working in social change interact more with their audience, listen and learn, share stories and develop greater transparency.

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Five Good Resources

  1. Text Definitions: Wikipedia has the classic definition , but this one , while a bit more technical, is rich with meaning
  2. Video Definition: The most well known overview of Web 2.0 is an easy to watch 4 minute video, The Machine is Using Us
  3. Books: Getting to Maybe: How the World is Changed, by Frances Westley, Brenda Zimmerman, and Michael Quinn Patton (great summary here )
  4. Books: Leadership and the New Science, by Margaret Wheatley
  5. Conference: Web of Change at Hollyhock

Jason Mogus

CEO, Communicopia

Jason Mogus is the CEO and principal strategist at Communicopia, a Webby Award–winning digital consultancy that helps social-mission organizations adapt to a networked world by creating high-performance digital campaigns, sites and teams. Jason has led digital transformation projects for the TckTckTck global climate-change campaign, The Elders, Natural Resources Defense Council, Make Poverty History, the United Nations Foundation and the City of Vancouver. He is also the founder of the Web of Change, a community of senior leaders working at the convergence of technology, organizing and social change. Jason was a founding partner and board member with B.C. Social Venture Partners, a founding board member of Canadian Business for Social Responsibility, and is a long-time member of the Social Venture Network in the U.S.