Advancing justice podcast: Frequently asked questions

How do I listen/subscribe?
You can listen to the Advancing justice podcast on the Maytree website through the audio player option we’ve made available here. You can also download the podcast to your computer, phone, or tablet so you can listen to the episodes at your convenience, even without an internet connection. If you subscribe to the podcast on a podcast app (subscription is free!), new episodes will automatically download to your mobile device whenever they are available.

To download and/or subscribe to the Advancing justice podcast, follow the instructions below:

On your iPhone or iPad
Open the purple “Podcasts” icon on your phone. Within the app, you can use the magnifying glass icon to search for “Advancing justice.” Once you’re on the podcast page, click on the “Subscribe” button under the podcast title to have new episodes downloaded as they become available, or click on the episode title to listen. If you’d like to use another app on your iPhone or iPad, Advancing justice is also on Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and Spotify.

On your Android phone or tablet
You can listen to Advancing justice on the Stitcher or Spotify apps. Simply click on the links of the app you prefer and subscribe to the podcast.

From a desktop or laptop
You can find all episodes of the Advancing justice podcast on our website. Listen by hitting the “play” button on the audio player for each episode.

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