Maytree Policy School

“Having the ability to have impact on policy is a critical part of attracting resources to the vulnerable populations that I serve. Maytree Policy School has opened the doors to my understanding of how to influence government through an introduction to some very accessible and skilled policy experts, effective tools, and mentors within the government system.”

Ekua Asabea Blair

Massey Centre

“Maytree Policy School brought together an expert faculty team who generously shared their wealth of knowledge and experiences. I really appreciated how each session was meticulously planned and specifically tailored for us in the non-profit sector.”

Tesfai Mengesha

Success Beyond Limits

“Attending Maytree Policy School has helped me raise my game as a policy professional, helped refine my approach to my advocacy work, and created an impact across my organization as I share my learnings with colleagues across the country.”

Kat Clarke


“For our organization, the opportunity to participate in Maytree Policy School was timed perfectly with a will within our organization to strengthen capacity in the area of public policy and advocacy and begin to be more strategic and intentional about work in this area. It delivered on all our expectations providing a range of relevant topics, dynamic and knowledgeable speakers, high energy facilitation and a suite of ‘shovel-ready’ resources we could immediately put to use. In addition, the cohort of participants delivered a network of like-minded nonprofit staffers with a diverse set of skills and experiences.”

Sara Middleton

United Way, Elgin Middlesex

“Maytree Policy School helped us identify where we need to focus our energies to make the most of our limited resources in order to make a real impact in our policy work. It gave me access to what felt like “insider knowledge” and to so many incredible leaders with decades of experience in the policy world. I never would have been able to make those connections on my own.”

Katie German


“Maytree Policy School provided us with practical insights into the policy process and the tools we need to engage as policy leaders. We also walked away from the course with a clear plan for implementing what we had learned and new connections across the sector.”

Jamie Stuckless

Share the Road Cycling Coalition

“Maytree Policy School was an excellent program that offered concrete learning opportunities to improve my knowledge and skills for policy work. I found that many of the resources and tips the instructors shared are insights I can continue to apply to my work.”

Dusha Sritharan

Toronto Environmental Alliance