Maytree Policy School

Maytree Policy School was an incredible program that has shifted my mindset and approach to advocacy and government relations work. The caliber of instructors and cohort members was exceptional. I highly recommend this program to nonprofit folks looking to level up and deepen their policy knowledge to be more effective change leaders.

Sasha Elford

National Manager, Public Affairs, March of Dimes Canada (MPS ’22)

[Maytree Policy School] gave me excellent insight into the public policy landscape in Canada and an understanding of how decisions that impact me and my community are made, and how they can be influenced.

Rebecca Stulberg

Board Director & Chair of the Advocacy Committee, The Neighbourhood Group (MPS ’22)

Maytree Policy School is a must for leaders and activists looking to make greater impact to address the pressing issues in our communities.

Pablo Vivanco

Executive Director, Albion Neighbourhood Services (MPS ’22)

Maytree Policy School was a fabulous opportunity to learn from and with peers in the non-profit policy sector. The connections made in the program have really advanced our work.

Kaelen Boyd

Senior Policy Advisor, Ontario Association of Social Workers (MPS ’22)

Maytree Policy School is a deep-dive into public policy. It provides an environment of learning, networking and exposes you to critical insight into government decision-making. It was helpful at building individual and organizational capacity to advance public policy and strengthen your advocacy muscles.

Michelle Westin

Senior Analyst - Planning, Quality & Risk, Black Creek Community Health Centre (MPS ’22)

Maytree Policy School was an incredible opportunity to learn from exceptionally talented policy professionals and peers. The knowledge, tools, stories and inspiration will stay with me always and inform my work moving forward in meaningful ways.

Janet McCrimmon

CEO, Strides Toronto (MPS ’22)

Maytree Policy School is a comprehensive package on all the nuts and bolts of policy advocacy for your organization. The faculty and speakers bring timely issues and real-world experience to illustrate how the complex world of policy advocacy works.

Jonathan Lai

Executive Director, Canadian Autism Spectrum Disorder Alliance (MPS ’21)

For grassroots and small non-profit organizations trying to enhance the scope and impact of their work through policy, Maytree Policy School is a powerful place to enhance the capacity of senior leaders to deliver results for the communities we serve. From the faculty to the Maytree Policy school peers, everything is designed to increase your impact.

Paul Bailey

President, Black Health Alliance (MPS ’20)

The non-profit sector has an important role to play in advocating for progressive public policy. Maytree Policy School is helping to build the sector’s capacity to effectively do that work. A must-do program for anyone wanting to engage in advocacy and policy in our sector.

Christina Palassio

Director of Communications, Right to Play (MPS ’21)

Maytree Policy School is the perfect program to learn and enhance one’s skills and understanding of strategies to effectively influence government actions and decisions. Thank you to the fantastic faculty, superb speakers, and remarkable non profit colleagues for creating a vibrant community for growth and development.

Carol Zoulalian

Executive Director, St. Jude Community Homes (MPS ’20)

Maytree Policy School provides participants with access to some of the foremost thought leaders and public policy professionals. The content, staff, faculty, and peers provide unparalleled access to nurture your ideas into action.

Doug Pawson

Executive Director, End Homelessness St. Johns (MPS ’21)

[Maytree] Policy School represents a rare opportunity to learn how to successfully advocate for policy change directly from folks who’ve done it before. The program is worth it for the content alone. But what really has me energized is the community that Maytree is building through this work. The insights of those in my cohort not only rounded out the learning experience, but will also offer a wealth of experience, advice, inspiration, and friendship for years to come.

Terence Hamilton

Policy Specialist, UNICEF Canada (MPS ’20)

Maytree Policy School is an exceptional training program that is engaging and informative. Understanding policy work, and being able to do it well, is a key tool for people working in the community and non-profit sectors, and [the program] ensures that graduates of the program are well-equipped to do this work.

Bronwyn Underhill

Director of Health Promotion and Community Engagement, Parkdale Queen West CHC (MPS ’21)

Maytree Policy School provided very practical tips and advice to effectively influence policy. Perhaps most importantly, the program connected me with a cohort of incredible peers that I can count on for mutual support as we continue our policy careers.

Talia Bronstein

VP, Research and Advocacy, Daily Bread Food Bank (MPS ’20)

The generosity and insight of the Maytree Policy School faculty and instructors combined with dedicated and thoughtful non-profit peers, brought the policy materials to life. I left the course feeling supported and capable of wading into the important policy debates impacting low-income Ontarians.

Vanessa Emery

Staff Lawyer/Social Assistance Team Lead, West Scarborough Community Legal Services (MPS ’21)

A thoughtfully-designed program that provides access to an incredible group of faculty and subject-matter experts. A powerful experience that has improved my ability to influence.

Sibel Cicek

Senior Manager, Government Relations, YMCA Ontario, YMCA of Greater Toronto (MPS ’20)

Maytree Policy School was an incredible opportunity that elevated our policy work. The engaging presenters and faculty, practical learning and tools, thought-provoking curriculum, and peer connections created a dynamic learning environment that will have lasting impacts for the effectiveness of our work.

Dominica MacPherson

Coordinator, Guelph & Wellington Task Force for Poverty Elimination (MPS ’21)

Maytree Policy School has been a crash course in government, systems, data, communications, and everything in between that is relevant to influencing policy. The faculty as well as the participants are extremely knowledgeable, generous with their expertise, and not afraid to ask the tough questions. The strategic learnings from this program have transformed our organizational advocacy initiatives to be much more thoughtful and productive.

Dina Al-khooly

Director, Research and Evaluation, Vision of Science Network for Learning (MPS ’21)

Maytree Policy School brought together a highly skilled and generous group of instructors. My organization has gained new tools and resources, and connections to fabulous peers and organizations.

Shelagh Pizey-Allen

Executive Director, TTCRiders (MPS ’19)

Maytree Policy School was an outstanding opportunity to fine tune my policy strategy skill sets and connect with other like-minded individuals and organizations. I highly recommend this program!

Nigel Barriffe

President, Board of Directors, Urban Alliance on Race Relations (UARR) (MPS ’21)

Maytree Policy School was invaluable. It helped me systematize and move forward our policy work. The faculty were knowledgeable and engaging, and the other participants have now become a close network I can call on.

Sasha McNicoll

Policy Manager, Community Food Centres Canada (MPS ’19)

Maytree Policy School brought together an expert faculty team who generously shared their wealth of knowledge and experiences. I really appreciated how each session was meticulously planned and specifically tailored for us in the non-profit sector.

Tesfai Mengesha

Executive Director, Success Beyond Limits (MPS ’18)

Maytree Policy School gave me the opportunity to carve time from my busy schedule to focus on policy strategy and engage in interesting policy discussions among peers. I am looking forward to incorporating these learnings and to continuing to engage with the network moving forward.

Miriam Kramer

Executive Director, Government & Corporate Relations, OCAD University (MPS ’21)

Maytree Policy School completely surpassed my expectations. It’s a course anyone should take who strives to be a strategic influencer at any level of government and regardless of who’s in power.

Brian Davis

Executive Director, Houselink Community Homes (MPS ’19)

Having the focused time along with the incredible depth of knowledge from the presenters and other participants made this program worth every minute. The shifts in our approach and development of a policy strategy will have long-term impact for our organization and our mission at Pillar.

Michelle Baldwin

Executive Director, Pillar Nonprofit Network (MPS ’19)

[Maytree Policy School] is professional development par excellence! Changing the world does take “relentless incrementalism” and this program should be mandatory for every leader.

Bruce Pitkin

Executive Director, ArtStarts (MPS ’20)