Maytree Policy School

“Through the learning opportunities and practical experience provided through the Maytree Policy School, Raising the Roof has transformed from a passive to strategic player in the housing and homelessness public policy space.”

Elisa Traficante

Director of Community Initiatives, Raising the Roof (MPS ’19)

“Maytree Policy School completely surpassed my expectations. It’s a course anyone should take who strives to be a strategic influencer at any level of government and regardless of who’s in power.”

Brian Davis

Executive Director, Houselink Community Homes (MPS ’19)

“Maytree Policy School brought together a highly skilled and generous group of instructors. My organization has gained new tools and resources, and connections to fabulous peers and organizations.”

Shelagh Pizey-Allen

Executive Director, TTCRiders (MPS ’19)

“Maytree Policy School provided us with practical insights into the policy process and the tools we need to engage as policy leaders. We also walked away from the course with a clear plan for implementing what we had learned and new connections across the sector.”

Jamie Stuckless

Executive Director, Share the Road Cycling Coalition (MPS ’18)

“Attending Maytree Policy School has helped me raise my game as a policy professional, helped refine my approach to my advocacy work, and created an impact across my organization as I share my learnings with colleagues across the country.”

Kat Clarke

Manager, Advocacy and Government Affairs, CNIB (MPS ’18)

“Maytree Policy School was invaluable. It helped me systematize and move forward our policy work. The faculty were knowledgeable and engaging, and the other participants have now become a close network I can call on.”

Sasha McNicoll

Policy Manager, Community Food Centres Canada (MPS ’19)

“Having the focused time along with the incredible depth of knowledge from the presenters and other participants made this program worth every minute. The shifts in our approach and development of a policy strategy will have long-term impact for our organization and our mission at Pillar.”

Michelle Baldwin

Executive Director, Pillar Nonprofit Network (MPS ’19)

“Maytree Policy School brought together an expert faculty team who generously shared their wealth of knowledge and experiences. I really appreciated how each session was meticulously planned and specifically tailored for us in the non-profit sector.”

Tesfai Mengesha

Executive Director, Success Beyond Limits (MPS ’18)

“Maytree Policy School helped us identify where we need to focus our energies to make the most of our limited resources in order to make a real impact in our policy work. It gave me access to what felt like “insider knowledge” and to so many incredible leaders with decades of experience in the policy world. I never would have been able to make those connections on my own.”

Katie German

Director of Programs, Foodshare (MPS ’18)