Media release

Announcing the next chapter in the Caledon-Maytree partnership

Published on 17/01/2017

Twenty-five years ago, the Caledon Institute of Social Policy was established as a commitment to high-quality social policy analysis. Over the past quarter century, Caledon has used data and evidence to challenge preconceptions and craft practical social policy solutions that have shaped public policy and helped reduce poverty and inequality in Canada.

From the beginning, Caledon was created as a partnership with Maytree, with Ken Battle and Alan Broadbent serving as Caledon’s co-founders. That partnership has continued throughout Caledon’s history, with Maytree continuing as the primary supporter of Caledon’s work and Alan serving as Caledon’s chair, and Ken as Caledon’s president.

As Caledon reaches its 25th year, this partnership enters a new phase. Ken, Caledon’s founding president, will begin a well-deserved retirement this November. At that time Caledon will also wind down its day-to-day operations.

As part of this transition, Maytree will become the new home for Caledon’s body of work. We are looking forward to this next phase of the Maytree-Caledon partnership, which coincides with Maytree’s renewed emphasis on public policy solutions that reduce poverty and improve life for all people in Canada.

Maytree will host Caledon’s research and make it available through its website. Maytree will also continue the important work that Caledon has done to preserve essential social policy data through the Welfare Incomes and Social Assistance Summaries projects and will publish future Caledon research and analysis on a periodic basis.

We would like to acknowledge the Caledon staff for their essential work to support the transition: Ken Battle, President; Sherri Torjman, Vice-President; Michael Mendelson, Senior Scholar; Melanie Burston, Office Manager; and Anne Makhoul, Principal Project Officer. Over the coming months, we will share some additional news about upcoming events to recognize Caledon’s important achievements over the past 25 years to help make better social policy for people in Canada.