Policy at Maytree

Maytree’s work is focused on systemic solutions to poverty. Through our work on public policy, we aim to better understand the causes and dimensions of poverty and to identify practical solutions. We work with governments, non-profits and communities to find ways to make sure that public policies in Canada work to reduce poverty and promote opportunity.

Publications, opinions, and speeches

Maytree publishes reports, backgrounders, briefs and commentaries to help inform decision-making and to engage in public discussions on social policy issues.

image: Welfare in Canada 2019

Welfare in Canada

The Welfare in Canada reports look at the total incomes available to those relying on social assistance (often called “welfare”), taking into account tax credits and other benefits along with social assistance itself.

Social Assistance Summaries cover

Social Assistance Summaries

The Social Assistance Summaries series tracks the number of recipients of social assistance (welfare payments) in each province and territory.

Caledon archive

The Caledon Institute of Social Policy wound down its day-to-day operations in 2017 after 25 years. The Maytree website is now the new home for Caledon’s collection of social policy research.