Andrew Musselman

Founder and Principal of Fluency

photo: Andrew Musselman

Andrew Musselman, the Founder and Principal of Fluency, has been performing all his life. Whether reciting stand-up comedy albums on Cub Scout camping trips, or doing Chris Farley imitations in the high school lunchroom, being in front of a crowd has always been his lifeblood. As a professional actor, Andrew’s proudest moment was when the New York Times raved that he played his role with “ample sleaziness.” He is the recipient of a Beinecke Fellowship from Yale School of Drama and a Dora Award nomination for his performance in Catalpa. Prior to founding Fluency, Andrew taught and coached in high schools, universities and acting studios for over 15 years, and was the on-set acting coach for the Disney TV series, Backstage. Drawing on his vast storytelling and performing experience, Andrew has coached clients across a variety of sectors, including financial services, commercial real estate and management consulting.

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