Armine Yalnizyan

Canadian Economist and Writer

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Armine Yalnizyan is a Canadian Economist and Writer. She was previously the Senior Economist at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, joining them in 2008, after a long association dating back to 1993. Armine is a founding and regular contributor to The Globe and Mail’s online business feature, Economy Lab. She has a twice-weekly business column on CBC Radio’s number one morning show, Metro Morning, reaching a million listeners in the Greater Toronto Area. Armine also appears every Thursday on the Big Picture Panel, a popular weekly feature of Canada’s premier business-news program, CBC-TV’s Lang and O’Leary Exchange. Armine obtained her M.A. in Industrial Relations from University of Toronto. She has a bi-lingual B.A. in economics from Glendon College, York University, which included a year of economics at Université de Bordeaux, France. She serves on the boards of the Canadian Institutes for Health Research’s Institute of Population and Public Health; the Public Interest Advocacy Centre; and is Vice President of the Canadian Association for Business Economics.

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