Bhupesh Shah

Professor, School of Media and Marketing, Seneca College

photo: Bhupesh Shah

Professor, Faculty of Business, Durham College

Bhupesh Shah is an award-winning Professor at Durham College, teaching courses in marketing, sales, presentation skills, and career development. Bhupesh is an acknowledged public speaker on social media, marketing strategy and diversity who has shared his insights on national TV, radio, syndicated newspapers and publications. He also works as a consultant at BGSHAH Consulting, providing a wide range of services including coaching, prompt writing and utilizing AI, business strategy, digital marketing, branding, web design, SEO, social media, and photography for small businesses worldwide. Having earned his BSc in Anthropology / Microbiology-Biochemistry from the University of Toronto and his MBA from York University, Bhupesh has over 16 years of marketing management experience in the retail, packaged goods and equipment industries.

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