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Dave Meslin

Dave Meslin (“Mez”) is a Toronto-based artist and organizer, with a focus on public space issues, cycling infrastructure, voting reform, transpartisan advocacy and democratic renewal. Dave is active on many issues, some of which include: organizing Reclaim the Streets, coordinating Toronto’s Car Free Day programming, founding the Toronto Public Space Committee, co-founding Spacing Magazine, creating the WhoRunsThisTown project, producing City Idol, founding the Toronto Cyclists Union, starting Dandyhorse Magazine, launching Better Ballots, organizing WindFest, creating the Ranked Ballot Initiative and recently curating the Fourth Wall exhibit about transforming local politics in Toronto.
In November 2010, Dave co-edited Local Motion: The Art of Civic Engagement in Toronto (Coach House Books). Some of his favorite projects to date include the Downtown De-fence Project, the Professional Guest and the Pee-Wee Herman Picture Show, which featured members of Toronto’s indie rock community coming together to raise funds and awareness about bicycle advocacy in the city. When he’s not deeply immersed in urban politics or electoral reform, Dave tours with The Hidden Cameras (a “gay folk church music” band). Future projects he’s considering include a transit riders’ union, a bike store, a reality TV show, and maybe another book.