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Selena Zhang

Manager, Strategic Initiatives at United Way Greater Toronto

Selena Zhang is Manager of Strategic Initiatives at United Way Greater Toronto. She was previously Manager of Programs and Research at the Institute on Municipal Finance and Governance and Acting Co-Lead of the National Urban Project. She has a background in public policy and international development. Before working on cities, she provided support to Ontario’s migrant farmworkers as Community Coordinator for Frontier College’s Labourer-Teacher Program, worked for the Cape Town local government on the impact of their urban agriculture policy on low-income families, and ran an international health and youth empowerment charity out of Queen’s University called Queen’s Health Outreach. In 2010, she exhibited a solo art exhibition of 17,989 portraits representing Ontario’s migrant farmworkers – drawing attention to the permanently temporary hands behind our local produce. She was one of 25 rising leaders in the GTHA named a CivicAction DiverseCity Fellow in 2017.