Tina Lopes

Consultant and Author of Dancing on Live Embers

Tina Lopes is a facilitator, educator and mediator with experience in a variety of communities, sectors and workplaces. Since 1990 she has been working with people who want to change the structures, policies and cultures of their organizations to create greater democracy and equity. Creating participatory processes that strengthen a group’s capacity for dialogue and collective action is Tina’s passion. Her work has taught her that the most creative options often come from the people most negatively affected by the power dynamics within an organization and broader society. She facilitates sessions in anti-oppression organizational change, conflict mediation, strategic planning and developing democratic practices in the workplace. Clients include social service agencies, Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, Federal Department of Canadian Heritage, community health centres, the Toronto Community Housing Corporation, women’s shelters, unions, municipal departments, and a variety of advocacy and community organizations. Tina has recently co-authored Dancing on Live Embers: Challenging Racism in Organizations, published by Between the Lines Publishers, January 2006.

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