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As the fiscal chill thaws: social policy ideas for the medium term

Published on 30/01/2013

Right now, Canada’s economic outlook remains uncertain.  But as the economy begins to recover, as it eventually will, our fiscal situation will gradually improve.

This commentary argues that we need to begin now to develop well thought-out ideas for social policy reform.  It sets out 12 areas for future social investments by the federal government, including increases to the Canada Child Tax Benefit and enhancements to the adequacy and coverage of the Working Income Tax Benefit.

The paper recognizes that it is not possible to introduce major changes in all 12 areas at the same time.  It argues, instead, for an incremental approach in which gradual steps are taken toward the achievement of fundamental reforms.

ISBN – 1-55382-573-X


Government spending and tax, Income security


Right now, Canada’s economic outlook remains uncertain.