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CHST Spells COST for Disabled

Published on 04/05/1995

The CHST will have a major impact on people with disabilities.  The withdrawal of the Canada Assistance Plan, the legislative base for welfare and social services, combined with rapidly declining federal dollars, will translate into cuts – especially for welfare.  Almost certain to be lost are many items of special assistance currently provided through welfare systems – the very items that help maintain people with disabilities and the elderly in their community and out of nursing homes and institutions.  The various forms of special assistance made available throughout the country are described.  Most people are unaware of the fact that welfare also plays a quasi-health role by paying for and supplying many of the goods and services not supported under medicare.  The paper concludes that the CHST places not only welfare programs – but also people with disabilities – at serious risk.

ISBN – 1-895796-34-2



The CHST will have a major impact on people with disabilities.