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Disability in December

Published on 03/12/2013

December 3 is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.  There have been many noteworthy achievements in the country in such areas as transportation, communications, technology and equipment.  But significant actions are still required, particularly around income security and disability supports.

The Caledon Institute has proposed a new Basic Income for persons with severe disabilities that would replace welfare with an adequate federally delivered benefit.  The resulting provincial and territorial savings would be reinvested in a wide range of disability supports.  These are the goods and services that enable independent living.

In the absence of major income security reform, Ottawa could still create a fund that would allocate monies to the provinces and territories to encourage investment in a comprehensive system of supports.  These goods and services provide essential assistance not just to persons with disabilities but also to the entire population.  They are especially crucial in light of Canada’s aging population.

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Disability, Income security


December 3 is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.