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Education and the Public Good

Published on 01/04/2000

The “public good” refers to actions taken in the interest of all citizens. Unfortunately, it is a concept that has fallen out of favour in recent years. The notion of the public good flies in the face of unfettered individualism that has become the hallmark of the “new economy.” Market ideology clearly has gained ground in recent years with business and government elites. While the concept of the public good may be unpopular or poorly understood, it is still important. Various dimensions of the public good actually confer a competitive economic advantage. Education and skills development, in particular, are essential to the economic health of individuals and of nations. Public education is also the foundation for an informed intelligent citizenry that comprises the bedrock of democracy. Despite the importance of public education to the economic, moral and democratic health of individuals and of nations, it has been subject to continual assault. The very foundations of democracy and inclusion are threatened when we continually weaken the primary tool that makes possible our freedom and high quality of life.

ISBN – 1-894598-06-7



The "public good" refers to actions taken in the interest of all citizens.