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Good Government Should Trump Clever Politics

Published on 19/01/2010

On January 4 most Canadians went back to work, some albeit reluctantly. Not so our parliamentarians in Ottawa, who were given an extended prorogated break.

Governments, regardless of which level or which party, are the servants of the people. We elect them, pay for them, work with them in the belief that they will go about the business of governing in an efficient, effective and accountable manner.

From this point of view, the last parliamentary session in Ottawa was in effect a total write-off. More than 30 bills died on the floor. Each of these was the result of significant efforts and expense on behalf of government, both for the public service and for parliamentarians. Further, in most instances, these legislative actions also represented major efforts on the part of industry, citizen-led groups, and communities. All for nought, as it turns out.

As we go into what promises to be a most challenging year for Canada, we need to remind our elected officials at all levels of government that once elected, they work for us, not for themselves. And they work to provide good government to Canadians, not simply vie with each other for political advantage.

Like other Canadians, they should put their shoulder to the wheel as we begin the New Year.

To our readers, a happy, productive, work-filled 2010!

Alan Broadbent, Chairman  |  Ratna Omidvar, President


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Elected officials at all levels of government work for us, not for themselves.