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Recommendations to strengthen the social safety net for people in greatest need

Published on 14/02/2023

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In October 2022, Maytree submitted “Strengthening the social safety net for people in greatest need” to the Standing Senate Committee on National Finance regarding considerations for the 2023 federal budget.

Maytree’s submission for the 2023 pre-budget consultation process builds on the submission from fall 2022, and is focused on ensuring that the federal government take action to strengthen Canada’s social safety net, so that those living in deep poverty can live a life with dignity.

To this end, Maytree recommends that the federal government:

  1. Transform the Canada Workers Benefit into the Canada-Working Age Supplement for working-age single adults by removing the requirement for attachment to the labour force and increasing the maximum benefit level;
  2. Enhance the Canada Workers Benefit disability supplement as a temporary relief measure until the Canada Disability Benefit is created;
  3. Enhance the Canada Housing Benefit so that it is a permanent support program for lower-income renters; and
  4. Work with provincial and territorial partners to ensure that other supports complement these initiatives and broader federal goals in income security and housing policy.

These recommendations are guided by evidence, focus on those most likely to be in need, and build on the existing foundation of Canada’s social safety net.

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Housing and homelessness, Income security, Poverty


Written submission for the pre-budget consultations in advance of the 2023 federal budget.