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Shared Space: The Communities Agenda

Published on 12/09/2006

This paper is the first in a series on the “communities agenda.”  The paper defines this term and develops it within the context of theories on resilience, and innovation and its application as cluster-based economic development.  It also builds on community experience in designing and implementing comprehensive local initiatives.  The goal of the communities agenda is to promote resilience – in order to build strong and vibrant communities.  The paper argues that resilience is the result of strategic actions taken in four independent, but associated, clusters which comprise the substance of the communities agenda.  These relate to sustenance, adaptation, engagement and opportunity.  The process of the communities agenda involves work in the shared space within and between resilience clusters.  It is the space between citizens and organizations within each cluster, the space between clusters and the space between communities and government – the common ground in which private troubles meet public issues.  The communities agenda is essentially about creating joined-up communities.

ISBN – 1-55382-204-8


Cities and communities


This paper is the first in a series on the “communities agenda.”