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The Canada Social Report… So Far

Published on 26/11/2015

On June 16, 2015, the Caledon Institute of Social Policy announced a new initiative called the Canada Social Report.  It is a compilation of various sources of economic and social data and information.  Unlike most reports, the Canada Social Report is not a single printed document. Rather, it is a set of web-based materials, which are evolving on an ongoing basis.  They are updated as work is completed from Caledon’s analysis, as new data sets are produced and as we learn about the relevant findings of other researchers and organizations.

The Canada Social Report was launched in response to the withdrawal of the long-form Census and the dismantling of the National Council of Welfare.  The current Liberal government has announced its commitment to restore the long-form Census, which is good news for all researchers and policy-makers.  Canada will, once again, have a strong and reliable body of evidence.  Does this mean that the Canada Social Report will no longer be necessary?  Not at all.  The Canada Social Report provides information that includes, but goes well beyond, Census-based data.  The Welfare Incomes, Social Assistance Summaries, Social Policy Record and Minimum Wage sections are prime examples.

This paper describes the current content of the Canada Social Report.  It also highlights possible sections for future development, based on feedback we have received to date through a national webinar and in workshops held at various conferences.  The report discusses some of the challenges that we experienced and continue to face in carrying out this work.

The Canada Social Report is emerging as a major portal for social information.  It is a resource for the entire social sector – to give all of us a strong voice and a powerful evidence base for informed policy conversations and the formulation of intelligent policy solutions.

ISBN – 1-55382-657-4


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On June 16, 2015, the Caledon Institute of Social Policy announced a new initiative called theCanada Social Report.