How we strengthen communities

We aim to create strong relationships with the groups and leaders we work with by providing grants, learning opportunities, and practical tools. These relationships ground us in the realities of both communities and the non-profit sector, help us understand the complexities of people’s lived experiences of poverty, and the challenges of advancing economic and social rights in Canada.

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We welcome proposals from registered charities and community-based, non-profit organizations that have an explicit mandate to reduce poverty and build strong civic communities by advancing economic and social rights in Canada.

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Five Good Ideas

Five Good Ideas is a lunch-and-learn program where subject-matter experts discuss powerful and practical ideas about key issues facing non-profit organizations.

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Maytree Policy School

Maytree Policy School is a six-month program that supports non-profit organizations with a social policy focus to advance evidence-based public policy solutions.

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Resources for leaders and organizers

We support emerging and established leaders and non-profit organizations in their efforts to advance economic and social rights. We provide resources, learning opportunities, and practical tools to achieve their mission.

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We publish books as your go-to guides for non-profit management.

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