photo: Christine Alden

Christine Alden (MPS ’20)

Program Director, Lawson Foundation

photo: Dina Al-khooly

Dina Al-khooly (MPS ’21)

Team Lead, Policy Development Team B,  Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services

Former: Director, Research and Evaluation, Visions of Science Network for Learning

photo: Lisa Ambaye

Lisa Ambaye (MPS ’21)

Executive Director, Rideau-Ottawa Valley Learning Network (ROVLN)

Micah Anshan (MPS ’19)

Director, Government Relations at Futurpreneur Canada

Former: Partnerships Manager, Canadian Programs, Right to Play International

Jeanie Argiropoulos (MPS ’23)

Chief Executive Officer, Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities

photo: Laura Arrell

Laura Arrell (MPS ’20)

Managing Director, The Arrell Family Foundation


Michelle Baldwin (MPS ’19)

Senior Advisor, Transformation, Community Foundations of Canada

Former: Executive Director, Pillar Nonprofit Network

photo: Paul Bailey

Paul Bailey (MPS ’20)

Interim Executive Director, Black Health Alliance

photo: Nigel Barriffe

Nigel Barriffe (MPS ’21)

President, Board of Directors, Urban Alliance on Race Relations (UARR)

Cynthia Belaskie (MPS ’22)

Managing Director, Canadian Housing Evidence Collaborative, McMaster University

Catherine Belshaw

Catherine Belshaw (MPS ’18)

Manager of Fund Development, Strategy, and Partnerships, Native Child and Family Services

Michelle Bilek

Michelle Bilek (MPS ’22)

Senior Policy Advisor, City of Hamilton, Housing Secretariat Office

Former: National Organizer, Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness (CAEH)

photo: Michele Biss

Michèle Biss (MPS ’20)

Project Manager, National Right to Housing Network, Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness

Ekua Blair

Ekua Asabea Blair (MPS ’18)

President & CEO of the Abiona Centre for Infant and Early Mental Health

Former: CEO, Massey Centre

Kaelen Boyd

Kaelen Boyd (MPS ’22)

Director, Policy and Stakeholder Relations, Ontario Association of Social Workers (OASW)

Michael Braithwaite

Michael Braithwaite (MPS ’22)

CEO, Blue Door


Alyssa Brierley (MPS ’19)

Executive Director, National Institute on Ageing (NIA), Toronto Metropolitan University

Former: Executive Director, Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation

photo: Talia Bronstein

Talia Bronstein (MPS ’20)

Director of Policy, National Institute on Ageing 

Former: VP Research and Advocacy, Daily Bread Food Bank

Graham Brown

Graham Brown (MPS ’18)

Former: Policy Analyst, John Howard Society

Janet Butler McPhee

Janet Butler-McPhee (MPS ’18)

Co-Executive Director of Communications and Advocacy, Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network

Former: Director of Communications and Advocacy, Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network

photo: Sasha Caldera

Sasha Caldera (MPS ’23)

Beneficial Ownership Transparency Campaign Manager, Publish What You Pay Canada

Mamta Chail

Mamta Chail (MPS ’22)

CEO, Youthdale

Camara Chambers

Camara Chambers (MPS ’22)

Director of Leadership Development, the Dais at TMU

Diana Chan McNally

Diana Chan McNally (MPS ’22)

Harm Reduction Case Manager, All Saints Church-Community Centre, Diocese of Toronto

Former: Training & Engagement Coordinator, Toronto Drop-in Network (TDIN)

photo: Sibel Cicek

Sibel Cicek (MPS ’20)

Director, Government Relations, YMCA Ontario, YMCA of Greater Toronto

photo: Beth Clarke

Beth Clarke (MPS ’20)

Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships, World Education Services


James Cohen (MPS ’19)

Senior Director, Industry Practice Lead, Moody’s Analytics

Former: Executive Director, Transparency International Canada

photo: Regini David

Regini David (MPS ’20)

Outreach and Law Reform Coordinator, West Scarborough Community Legal Services

Brian Davis

Brian Davis (MPS ’19)

Executive Director, Houselink Community Homes

photo: Sane Dube

Sané Dube (MPS ’20)

Director of Health Equity and Priority Populations, Ontario Health, West

Former: Manager of Community and Policy, University Health Network

Geordie Dent

Geordie Dent (MPS ’18)

Executive Director, Federation of Metro Tenants’ Associations (FMTA)

Carissa Di Gangi

Carissa Di Gangi (MPS ’18)

Senior Manager, Technological Stewardship at MaRS Discovery District

Former: Director of Operations & Government Relations, ABC Life Literacy

Francesca Dobbyn

Francesca Dobbyn (MPS ’19)

Executive Director, United Way of Bruce Grey

Lieran Docherty

Lieran Docherty (MPS ’19)

Director of Operations, College of Midwives of Ontario

Former: Program Manager, Women Abuse Council of Toronto

Judy Duncan

Judy Duncan (MPS ’18)

Executive Director, ACORN

Christine Durant

Christine Durant (MPS ’18)

Former: Director, Poverty Roundtable Hastings Prince Edward

Kay Dyson Tam

Kay Dyson Tam (MPS ’19)

Senior Strategy Manager, Service Design, Telus Digital

Former: Impact & Innovation Manager, Eva’s

photo: Vanessa Emery

Vanessa Emery (MPS ’21)

Director of Legal Services, West Scarborough Community Legal Services

Sasha Elford

Sasha Elford (MPS ’22)

National Manager, Public Affairs, March of Dimes Canada

photo: Randalin Ellery

Randalin Ellery (MPS ’20)

Policy Analyst, Homelessness Policy Directorate, Government of Canada

Former: Director, Data Impact & Policy, Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness

photo: Kate Fane

Kate Fane (MPS ’21)

Consultant / Communications Specialist

Former: Communications Officer, The Stop

Tiffany Fearon

Tiffany Fearon (MPS ’22)

Policy & Research Manager, Family Councils Ontario

Max FineDay

Max FineDay (MPS ’19)

Former: Executive Director, Canadian Roots Exchange

photo: Ashley Franssen-Tingley

Ashley Franssen-Tingley (MPS ’23)

Director of Stakeholder Relations, The Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking (the Centre)

photo: Nathan Gardner

Nathan Gardner (MPS ’21)

Executive Director, Back Door Mission

Jake Tobin Garrett

Jake Tobin Garrett (MPS ’19)

Policy and Planning Manager, Park People

Katie German

Katie German (MPS ’18)

COO, Balanced Good

Agapi Gessesse

Agapi Gessesse (MPS ’19)

Executive Director, CEE Centre for Young Black Professionals

Berkha Gupta

Taashi Gupta (MPS ’22)

Project Manager, Labour Force Strategy, ONN

Former: Executive Director, LGBT Youthline

photo: Meseret Haileyesus

Meseret Haileyesus (MPS ’23)

Executive Director, Canadian Centre for Women’s Empowerment (CCFWE)

Kat Clarke

Kat Hamilton (MPS ’18)

Director of Advocacy and Campaigns, CNIB

photo: Terence Hamilton

Terence Hamilton (MPS ’20)

Policy Specialist, UNICEF Canada

Sandani Hapuhennedige

Sandani Hapuhennedige (MPS ’22)

Senior Policy Advisor, Ontario Ministry of Health

Former: Senior Policy Advisor, Children’s Mental Health Ontario

Teshini Harrison

Teshini Harrison (MPS ’19)

Policy Development Officer, Confronting Anti-Black Racism Unit, City of Toronto

Former: Policy Analyst, Ontario Nonprofit Network

photo: Neil Hetherington

Neil Hetherington (MPS ’23)

Chief Executive Officer, Daily Bread Food Bank

photo: Alison Homer

Alison Homer (MPS ’23)

Associate Director, Learning, Evaluation and Systems Change, Tamarack

photo: Robin Liu Hopson

Robin Liu Hopson (MPS ’23)

Director, Policy and Research, People for Education

photo: Stacey Howse

Stacey Howse (MPS ’23)

Executive Director, First Light Friendship Centre

Todd Jaques

Todd Jaques (MPS ’22)

Director, Strategic Initiatives, MakeWay (formerly Tides Canada)

photo: Lynette Katsivo

Lynette Katsivo (MPS ’20)

Director, Health Policy and Promotion at Ontario Medical Association

Former: Director of Public Policy, AdvantAge Ontario

photo: Betty Kennedy

Betty Kennedy (MPS ’23)

CEO, Feathers of Hope

photo: Anita Khanna

Anita Khanna (MPS ’23)

National Director of Public Policy and Government Relations, United Way Centraide Canada

Annie Kidder

Annie Kidder (MPS ’19)

Executive Director, People for Education

photo: Rosel Kim

Rosel Kim (MPS ’23)

Staff Lawyer, Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF)

photo: Amanda King

Amanda King (MPS ’20)

Director, Communications & Research, Feed Ontario

photo: Devorah Kobluk

Devorah Kobluk (MPS ’21)

Policy Development Officer, Toronto Shelter and Support Services

Former: Policy Analyst, Income Security Advocacy Centre (ISAC)

Myna Kota

Myna Kota (MPS ’19)

Public Policy & Stakeholder Affairs Lead, Casey House

Former: Senior Manager, Advocacy & Girl Engagement, Girl Guides of Canada

photo: Miriam Kramer

Miriam Kramer (MPS ’21)

Executive Director, Government & Corporate Relations, OCAD University

photo: Jonathan Lai

Jonathan Lai (MPS ’21)

Executive Director, Autism Alliance of Canada

photo: Ben Liu

Ben Liu (MPS ’23)

Executive Director, School of Cities

photo: Ilana Luther

Ilana Dodi Luther (MPS ’21)

Executive Director, Access to Justice & Law Reform Institute of Nova Scotia

Maggie MacDonald

Maggie MacDonald (MPS ’18)

Director of Communications and Government Relations, McConnell Foundation

Former: Manager, Public Policy, YMCA

Karen Madho

Karen Madho (MPS ’19)

Senior Coordinator of Public Relations, DeafBlind Ontario Services

Krys Maki (MPS ’22)

Director of Research and Policy, Women’s Shelters Canada

Janet McCrimmon

Janet McCrimmon (MPS ’22)

CEO, Strides Toronto

Sasha McNicoll

Sasha McNicoll (MPS ’19)

Senior Policy Advisor, Policy Performance and Reporting, Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services

Former: Policy Manager, Prosper Canada

photo: Dominica McPherson

Dominica McPherson (MPS ’21)

Coordinator, Guelph & Wellington Task Force for Poverty Elimination

photo: Steve Meagher

Steven Meagher (MPS ’21)

Project Director, Centre for Refugee Children

photo: Liv Mendelsohn

Liv Mendelsohn (MPS ’21)

Executive Director, Canadian Centre for Excellence in Caregiving, Azrieli Foundation

Former: Director, Accessibility and Inclusion, Miles Nadal JCC

Tesfai Mengesha

Tesfai Mengesha (MPS ’18)

Executive Director, Operations, Success Beyond Limits

Sara Middleton

Sara Middleton (MPS ’18)

National Director, Community Services Recovery Fund, United Way Centraide Canada

photo: Anthony Musiwa

Anthony Musiwa (MPS ’23)

Senior Policy Advisor, Community Food Centres Canada

Jessica Mustachi

Jessica Mustachi (MPS ’18)

Senior Research Analyst, Ontario Government

Former: Ontario Campaign 2000 Coordinator, Child and Family Poverty Campaign 2000

Shivanee Nadarajah

Shivanee Nadarajah (MPS ’19)

Administrative Director, University Health Service, University of Michigan

Former: Director of Operations, Inner City Health Associates

photo: Shelley Nicholls

Shelley Nicholls (MPS ’20)

Former: Executive Director, Sistering

photo: Emily Nickerson

Emily Nickerson (MPS ’20)

Director, Publish What You Pay Canada

photo: Christina Palassio

Christina Palassio (MPS ’21)

Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Right to Play

photo: Doug Pawson

Doug Pawson (MPS ’21)

Executive Director, End Homelessness St. Johns

photo: Shawn Pegg

Shawn Pegg (MPS ’21)

Director, Social Policy and Strategic Initiatives, Community Living Ontario

photo: Shane Pelletier

Shane Pelletier (MPS ’23)

Executive Director, National Indigenous Homelessness Council (NIHC)

Chris Persaud

Chris Persaud (MPS ’22)

Executive Director, Habitat Services

photo: Bruce Pitkin

Bruce Pitkin (MPS ’20)

Former: Executive Director, Art Starts

Shelagh Pizey-Allen

Shelagh Pizey-Allen
(MPS ’19)

Executive Director, TTCriders

photo: Preeti Prabu

Preeti Prabhu (MPS ’23)

Senior Director of Public Policy, Government and Stakeholder Relations, United Way East Ontario

Colette Prevost

Colette Prevost (MPS ’18)

Territorial Executive Director, Child and Family Services, Government of Northwest Territories

Former: Director, Advocacy & Communications, YWCA Toronto

photo: Sharma Queiser

Sharma Queiser (MPS ’20)

Researcher and Policy Analyst, Social Planning Toronto

Melanie Redman

Melanie Redman (MPS ’18)

President & CEO, A Way Home Canada

photo: Jasmine Ramze Rezaee

Jasmine Ramze Rezaee (MPS ’21)

Director of Advocacy and Communications, YWCA Toronto

photo: Talya Rotem

Talya Rotem (MPS ’20)

Former: Program Director, SmartSAVER

photo: Suman Roy

Suman Roy (MPS ’21)

Former: Executive Director, Meal Exchange

Rekha Sadasivan

Rekha Sadasivan (MPS ’18)

Director, Marketing and Communications, Toronto Metropolitan University, Faculty of Law

Former: Director, Strategic Initiatives, Dignitas International

photo: Khaldah Salih

Khaldah Salih (MPS ’23)

Manager of Strategic Communications, Planned Parenthood Toronto

Former: Community Legal Worker, Black Legal Action Clinic (BLAC)

Ya’el Santopinto

Ya’el Santopinto (MPS ’18)

Director, Research and Partnerships, Centre for Urban Growth and Renewal

Leila Sarangi

Leila Sarangi (MPS ’19)

Senior Director, Strategy and Innovation, Family Service Toronto and National Director, Campaign 2000

Trisha Scantlebury

Trisha Scantlebury (MPS ’22)

Senior Manager, Research, Public Policy and Evaluation, United Way Greater Toronto

photo: Jeffrey Schiffer

Jeffrey Schiffer (MPS ’20)

Chief Impact Officer, Children’s Aid Foundation

photo: Dan Skilliter

Daniel Skilleter (MPS ’23)

Director of Policy, Social Capital Partners

Tim Smuck

Tim Smuck (MPS ’22)

Director of Life Stabilization, City of London

Former: Executive Director, Changing Ways

Dusha Sritharan

Dusha Sritharan (MPS ’18)

Community Engagement Advisor, Mayor Olivia Chow’s Office

Former: Advisor, Policy and Constituency at the Office of Councillor Gord Perks

photo: Sarah Stern

Sarah Stern (MPS ’20)

Director, Maple Leaf Centre for Action on Food Security

Jamie Stuckless

Jamie Stuckless (MPS ’18)

Former: Executive Director, Share the Road Cycling Coalition

Rebecca Stulberg

Rebecca Stulberg (MPS ’22)

Board Director & Chair of the Advocacy Committee, The Neighbourhood Group

Anjum Sultana

Anjum Sultana (MPS ’19)

Director of Youth Leadership & Policy Advocacy, Plan International Canada

Former: National Director, Public Policy, Advocacy & Strategic Communications, YWCA Canada

photo: Saman Tabasinejad

Saman Tabasinejad (MPS ’21)

Executive Director, Progress Toronto

Elisa Traficante

Elisa Traficante (MPS ’19)

Manager, Spanning the Gaps, Ryerson University, G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education

Former: Director of Community Initiatives, Raising the Roof

photo: Michael Trent

Michael Trent (MPS ’23)

Director of Performing Arts, Metcalf

Jen Turner (MPS ’22)

Manager, Public Policy and Advocacy, YMCA Canada

Former: Manager, Research and Public Policy, BGC Canada

photo: Bronwyn Underhill

Bronwyn Underhill (MPS ’21)

Director of Health Promotion and Community Engagement, Parkdale Queen West CHC

Pamela Uppal

Pamela Uppal-Sandhu (MPS ’22)

Director of Policy, ONN

Nithya Vijayakumar

Nithya Vijayakumar (MPS ’18)

Senior Associate, Access Planning

Former: Senior Advisor, Transportation Policy and Planning, Pembina Institute

Pablo Vivanco

Pablo Vivanco (MPS ’22)

Executive Director, Albion Neighbourhood Services

Former: Director of Programs and Community Development, Jane/Finch Community and Family Centre

photo: Amy Wah

Amy Wah (MPS ’23)

Senior Policy Lead, HIV and AIDS Legal Clinic Ontario (HALCO)

Sarah Watson

Sarah Watson (MPS ’19)

Director of Community Engagement, North York Harvest Food Bank

Michelle Westin

Michelle Westin (MPS ’22)

Senior Analyst – Planning , Quality & Risk, Black Creek Community Health Centre

photo: Victor Willis

Victor Willis (MPS ’20)

Executive Director, Parkdale Activity Recreation Centre (PARC)

photo: Melissa Wong

Melissa Wong (MPS ’23)

Director, Engagement & Strategic Initiatives, Social Planning Toronto

photo: Shaimaa Yassin

Shaimaa Yassin (MPS ’23)

Director of Research in Social Policy, Institute for Research on Public Policy (IRPP)

Elodie Young

Elodie Young (MPS ’22)

Manager, Public Sector Transformation, Human and Social Services, Deloitte Inc.

Former: Director, Impact and Innovation, Prosper Canada

photo: Carol Zoulalian

Carol Zoulalian (MPS ’20)

Executive Director, St. Jude Community Homes