Maytree works to advance viable evidence-based policy solutions that protect and promote the right to housing for all people in Canada, with an emphasis on prioritizing those most in need. We monitor and analyze developments in housing policy at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels, particularly with regard to affordability of housing and access to affordable housing. We also support research by partners and independent researchers in the sector.

Community Housing Renewal Strategy

Maytree’s latest policy work on housing pertains to the Ontario government’s Community Housing Renewal Strategy, which was launched on April 17, 2019, with the aim of sustaining, repairing, and growing Ontario’s community housing system. The strategy was accompanied by a proposal to change the regulations for the social housing waiting list in Ontario and for the Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI) assistance calculation. These changes aim to simplify the existing system and maximize the use of community housing.

Maytree’s submissions highlight how the proposed regulations could be further amended to meet these goals.

Inclusionary zoning

To meet its affordable housing goals, the City of Toronto is developing an inclusionary zoning policy that would require the development of affordable units in new developments. While the City’s proposed framework is quite cautious, a new report by housing research consultant Steve Pomeroy (published by Maytree) shows that a few adjustments could increase the delivery of affordable units without limiting development.