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While the idea of consultation is becoming more and more popular, participants with lived experience of poverty and homelessness are often unable to influence policy-making at every level for a variety of structural reasons. In this special series, we’re speaking to lived experts and community allies about changing this situation.

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Exploring the role of people with lived experience of poverty in finding solutions to poverty

The idea that people with lived experience of poverty should be directly involved in the decision-making processes that affect their lives is becoming widely accepted. But to what degree has this engagement been meaningful and impactful?

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Challenging exclusion: Experts with lived experience of homelessness transforming policy processes

Emily Paradis launches Maytree’s new blog series on rights-based participation of, and accountability to, people with lived experience of poverty in policy processes.

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What housing practitioners can learn from tenant leadership and participation at Lawrence Heights

For housing providers and practitioners taking a rights-based approach to community renewal, Lawrence Heights offers important lessons on fulfilling tenants’ rights to participate.

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Four strategies to strengthen the leadership of lived experts in an advocacy network

The co-chairs of the ODSP Action Coalition write about the Coalition and its approaches to ensuring leadership of people with lived experience on ODSP.

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How informed participation helps tenants fight for their rights: A look at FMTA’s Tenant School

FMTA’s Tenant School promotes tenant engagement and organizing by informing tenants of their rights and encouraging collaboration with fellow participants from various walks of life.

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Six ideas on designing advisory councils for the participation of experts with lived/living experience

Anti-poverty activist and lived expert Bee Lee Soh shares her advice on how governments and non-profits can adopt better practices for the participation of experts with lived/living experience.

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Creating a new standard for engagement that includes people with disabilities 

As part of our series on rights-based participation, we spoke to Wendy Porch, Executive Director of the Centre for Independent Living, about how non-profits and governments can integrate accessibility into their engagement processes.

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How Toronto Neighbourhood Centres is championing people-centred civic engagement

The non-profit sector is seeing a shift toward people-centred civic engagement. Sree Nallamothu from Toronto Neighbourhood Centres writes about how the organization is exploring and strengthening this practice.

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What could authentic rights-based participation look like?

Authentic rights-based participation will require that we be deliberate about naming and addressing the systemic oppressions of those who are disproportionately affected by poverty.