Welfare in Canada

The Welfare in Canada reports look at the total incomes available to those relying on social assistance (often called “welfare”), taking into account tax credits and other benefits along with social assistance itself. The reports look at four different household types for each province and territory. Established by the Caledon Institute of Social Policy, Welfare in Canada is a continuation of the Welfare Incomes series originally published by the National Council of Welfare, based on the same approach. This 2020 edition was published in December 2021.

This resource is not intended to help individuals identify what government transfers they could receive. Individuals seeking advice on their eligibility for welfare or financial assistance should contact their local social assistance provider (their province, territory or municipality).

For the number of recipients of social assistance (welfare payments) in each province and territory, visit the Social Assistance Summaries report.

Last updated: December 2021

Watch the launch event, including a panel discussion on some of the highlights of this year’s report.