What we focus on

We work to advance systemic solutions to poverty and strengthening civic communities. We focus mainly on these six areas:

Poverty and Human Rights

Poverty and human rights

We explore the link between poverty and human rights, including finding approaches that can better protect economic and social rights.

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Our work on housing includes shaping and sharing policy ideas, investing in innovative solutions, and supporting partners working to strengthen communities.

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Income security

Our work on income security includes mapping current public policy systems and understanding where those systems are working well, where they are under pressure, and where we have gaps.

Advancing justice

Advancing justice

We explore economic and social inequities in the criminal justice system – specifically, the relationship between human rights, poverty, racism, and the criminal justice system.

Strong Cities

Human rights cities

We explore how cities can adopt human rights as core principles in decision-making and take a rights-based approach in the design of policy and program solutions so they can truly effect the systemic change that is now required.

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Right to education

Exploring what a right to education means in an advanced economy.